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PACE - Partial Certification for Lower and Medium Level Vocational Training

The PACE project will develop guidelines and supporting materials for the development and recognition of partial certification, to support those with minimum levels of education in improving their position within the labour market, and to potentially provide a gateway to lifelong learning opportunity. The project expects to benefit the long-term unemployed, women-returnees, migrants and persons with disabilities. Two processes will be undertaken in parallel: the development of guidelines for partial certification and experimentation with regard to the practical implementation of the developed guidelines in each participating country (testing the application of the guidelines to administration and ICT courses). Additionally, where existing learning materials and related tests do not meet the requirements for partial qualification, then new materials will be developed. The project will result in three 'key' final products, namely, the two guidelines 'Development of Partial Certification' and 'Towards (Inter)national Recognition of Partial Certification' and an Impact Evaluation of the newly developed partial certificates. All products will be made available on the Internet, on CD-Rom, and where necessary on paper, in all partner languages (DE, ES, NL, EN, RO & SI). Dissemination will be targeted at potential users of partial certification, to include training centres for lower and medium level vocational training, national and European educational standards agencies and certification platforms, SME's and non-profit organisations. Activities will include web marketing, direct mailings and publications in trade or professional journals to be followed by a transnational conference. The aim being to foster wider acknowledgement of partial certification in order that training centres and employers increasingly choose to adopt these.

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