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Oye mi voz, soy el futuro !!!
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The youth social participation in Spain sinks. 92% of young people do not belong to any organization. Only 3.4% belong to NGOs, 2.6% to 2% association with a political party. Today, there are new forms of youth participation unorganized: social networks and the Internet, new technologies, social movements, new forms of communication, etc. These figures are a reflection of a paradigm shift in the participation thus a real analysis based on them based on our nearest reality we need. Only then can we move it to our day to analyze the needs and potential of youth to assess their participation. It is necessary to pause or structured dialogue where all the machinery stop existing share until the time we draw a number of measures of youth participation concise, practical and effective for all youth agents (municipal corporations responsible for youth policy, technical agents and employees in the field of youth, public and private youth organizations, young people at all levels, etc ...) that are subsequently carried all those working for public agencies and youth. This "pause or structured dialogue end", we propose take place in the city of Villacañas through Are you Ready, our organization, as the lack of participatory structures or as high youth unemployment rate makes it an ideal environment where share experiences and reality of our entities closest friends of the communities of Castilla y Leon and especially Ceuta. The overall project objectives would be: 1. To promote youth participation. 2. Encourage youth associations. 3. To provide young people with the skills and capabilities necessary for real and effective participation with political and social agents. 4. Form in various actions of the Erasmus + program: Key Action 1 and 3. 5. Report on existing resources for promoting youth projects. There will be a total of 88 participants from the regions mentioned in the following profiles: - Youth workers / young ace, youth leaders, change agents with skills and / or experience in teamwork, communication and sensitive to the current political situation and citizen participation. Also as it is obvious we will have the participation of different political positions of lines of youth Medina del Campo, Villacañas and Ceuta, which show a willingness to listen, analyze and take into account the views, proposals and high projects by the young participants in each of the local meetings and the final encounter. Of those 88 participants there will be a total of 8 people facilitators of meetings and logistical support to ensure the proper conduct of all activities and project management. Balance of participants from both genders will be ensured. Our working methods in all these activities will be based on a bi-education through which knowledge, values, habits and behaviors are transmitted. What we are commonly called non-formal education. will be made by both activities of political participation in order to create a structured dialogue that creates a "concrete package" from youth to be delivered to all juveniles and agents responsible (municipalities, policy makers, technical / as, organisms. ..) So there will be 4 simultaneous regional events (one in each region) and then make a final activity with the most motivated and more interested in each region participants. - Thanks to our proposals youth in the communities where we make the meetings and dissemination, benefited from various initiatives necessary to believe this group will be. - Local politicians will be more sensitive and more aware of the need to open doors to youth participation and will assume some of the proposals created in different regional meetings to assume and implement them in their plans and municipal youth policies. - The Erasmus + program will gain visibility and relevance in the different local, provincial and regional communities. - Proposals coming from other realities will be discussed and analyzed similarities and differences with respect to other national contexts. - Collaboration between youth policies and other areas such as education, employment, inclusion and health will be strengthened. The direct beneficiaries of all project activities will be the participants, their organizations, local and regional communities in the areas of activity of the organizations, youth councils, etc ..
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