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Oversize Baltic (Oversize)
Start date: Jun 30, 2009, End date: Jun 29, 2011 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Oversize cargos – constitute an economically important segment of commercial haulage. They include exceptionally large and heavy indivisible cargos such as electric transformers, reactor vessels, wind mills or airplane fuselage - which is usually a part of advanced infrastructural high priority energy and technology projects. Oversize transport often needs to travel considerable distance; in many cases, national borders have to be crossed. Currently there is an absence of European harmonized procedures and rules to obtain an oversize transport permits. The idea of the project Oversize Baltic is to contribute to the development of a South Baltic Region environment in which cross-border oversize transports can take place with a minimum of hassle, ideally in an interrupted way. The aim of the project is to pave the way towards simplification and, if possible harmonization of the rules and procedures to obtain an oversize transport permits as well as define the conditions under which procedures could be simplified by setting up an oversize transport corridors where vehicles meeting certain criteria would be allowed near automatic passage with the permit.The project consists of 5 Components. First component deals with management and coordination of the project, the second one deals with communication and dissemination activities. Next components 3,4 and 5 are content related.The following activities are dedicated to these components: 1. Framework of information collection and evaluation for oversize strategy development;2. Regional oversize strategies of OT development; 3.Marking the transportation routes/directions of oversize transportation along the SB coast. Oversize map;4. Study for the oversize legislation evaluation and improvement; 5. Infrastructural and technological development study for the safe and effective transportation on marked routes; 6. Strategy of economical impact;7. Technical and Informational conditions for OTIN development;8. Setting the web based tool for sharing and developing oversize transportation information development;9. Handbook for oversize transportation technical, legislative and geographical information necessary for permit issue and effective and safe transportation development and publishing;10. OTIN implementation: web network of OT regulation institutions; lobbing sessions;11. Oversize strategy implementation in to the business community;12. Establishing the infrastructural and technological connections for the strategy execution;13. Business training on safety and technology implementation issues and international marketing attracting the cargo flow; 14. Study visits sharing the good practice-cooperation instead competition.Target groups of the project: are policy makers, governmental institution responsible for transport infrastructure and development, research institutions, and business. The project will exposé the conditions and concepts which could greatly simplify the procedures and improve conditions under which important segments of the South Boarder Region economy, especially the building and productions sectors, have to operate, leading to a more timely and predictable oversize transports. The one-stop-shop concept where a haulier can apply for and obtain an oversize transport permit in a single location will be proposed. Achievements: During the project lifetime the main achievements of the project are following:• Framework for oversize transportation strategy development createdThere where the content guidelines for strategy development introduced and approved by partners. Framework for collecting the regional information presented to create the common understanding on research and information evaluation developing local strategies.• Strategy development groups introducedStrategy concept has been introduced to target institutions to develop the strategy development groups to gather the organizational and information resources it will also be used as a tool for transferring strategy to local transport policies. • Project presentations for industry and legislative bodies on basis of triple helix sessions held• Projects communication strategy developedProject communication strategy has been developed to introduce join communication structure and content to increase affectivity of communication and dissemination activities• Component 3 activities set for strategy development in Berlin meetingScope of work and deadlines for component No3 has been set and agreed by project partnership. Components management scheme has been approved and placed in to the web management tool.During the3rd reporting period the main achievements of the project are following:• 4 Regional oversize strategies has been developedThe regional oversize markets have been investigated and the transportation corridors as well as the transportation bottlenecks with the solutions to solve it have been developed.• Ones stop shop systems evaluated to propose the structure for OTINPlans on ones top system for oversize permitting implementation has been developed evaluating best practice and technologies available. Scope of work and work plan for WP4 is developed.

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