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“Overcoming stereotypes in order to reach understanding and acceptation. Intercultural dialogue”

We are schools from Italy (Palermo, Sora),Spain, Turkey,Poland. The sourse of our cooperation was the idea that we are all people of the world. However, it does not necessarily mean that we can always make use of that fact. Barriers and restrictions set in our mind and consciousness are a serious problem in the dialogue with other nationalities and with people around us. We keep reluctant to foreign influences. We decided to find the way to break the differences that share us. It is high time to view the cultural differences as the value and wealth offered by each of the European nations. Multicultural influences are the contribution into the development of common Europe. We should get to know it and appreciate it. We should get rid of the irrational prejudice. A dialogue without frontiers as a guarantee of the development of individuals and groups alike is the main objective of our project. The cooperation lasted fruitfully with many actions, joy of the meeting and lots of experience. We reached not only the goals of the project but longlasting friendship.Aims of the project:1. To overcome stereotypes and make a diaolgue through constant contact, common activities, exchanging knowledge about history and culture, understanding religion rules through direct contact.2. Extanding the knowledge about relligion, culture, art, habits, tradition of the own and partners country, studying English, new technologies3. stimulation of creativity of students and teachers by different actions(making films, taking photos, Power Point presentations, lectures, workshops...)4.Learnig communicative skills, tollerance, ablity of cooperation, opening for other countries and relligions
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