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Ouvrir l’école de Glandon sur l’Europe avec un enseignement vivant de l’anglais dès la maternelle.
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The school which applies for an Erasmus + grant is a village school which needs to improve its opening to Europe in order to strenghten the pupils’ European awareness. Situated in a small village in Limousin called Glandon, the school has got four classes which welcome children coming from a median socio-cultural background. The school receives families who don’t speak French, a lot of English families are settling in Limousin. The results of the pupils assessed according to the principles and approach of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) prove to be quite good( over 70%)To open the school to Europe , to improve the pupils’ skills in learning English , as well as to better include pupils from a foreign country, the teachers have decided to teach English from the first level of nursery school. So they are applying for an Erasmus+ project with a training course in an English speaking country. The staff of Glandon’s school is composed of four teachers but unfortunately this year only two teachers can leave their families and involve themselves in an Erasmus mobility project. The volunteer teachers for the mobility teach pupils from two to seven years old in their classes ( TPS/PS/MS and GS/CP) so it's the nursery school which is totally involved in this project. This is why a two-weeks training course through total immersion in Eire Cork in 2016 was elected. This site offers a curriculum courses in linguistics and culture, courses in methodology and visits to educational establishments. In Glandon's school, English is taught in all the classes with the same teaching support and in nursery school with the help of three mascots: the three bears in GS/CP and Roxy in PS/MS. The teachers need to improve their teaching strategies in modern foreign languages. The first step is to learn more about teaching young learners, to ensure active learning. Through this course dedicated to nursery school, the teachers will not only improve their linguistics skills but also their knowledge on English culture and educational system. Being hosted in families clearly shows the motivation to meet people and to discover their way of life.The three bears will be travelling with the teachers to motivate the pupils in learning a foreign language and in being a European citizen. As a follow up to the Erasmus+ project, the teachers will give a European dimension to the work in the school : A more authentic approach which will be based on the use of the three bears and the story telling through children books. English will be taught through other activities in a CLIL approach. The photos of the three bears in Cork and the authentic material (teaching resources and books for children) will be a starting point to introduce authentic English in the classrooms. Since four years the whole school has been involved in a dancing and choir project and pupils are learning genuine songs and rhymes and dances from European countries. The school is also involved in a school’s newspaper in which articles on European culture are written in English.We are organizing the project with National Education which will monitor our improvements through the different steps, with SILC who organizes the practical aspects of the project, with the town hall who is our financial partner. This Erasmus+ project will help the teachers to improve not only their linguistic skills but also their teaching skills in order to make the English class more authentic and efficient. From the first year of nursery school, the pupils will be motivated and eager to learn more about Europe and its culture and languages. We will encourage teachers from other schools to get involved in Erasmus+ by communicating about our experience and knowledge through the official web site of DSDEN 87 and by taking part in training sessions to witness of our improvements and to share the projects we will lead in the school.
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