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Outward bound entrepreneur-ship
Start date: Sep 15, 2012,

The main goal of the project Outward Bound Entrepreneur-Ship is: to stimulate young people's spirit ofinitiative, creativity and entrepreneurship, employability with outdoor educational methods and activitieswhile building lasting relationships with youth in China (Hong Kong). The objectives are the following: toshare good practices among the partnering Outward Bound organizations from Programme countries andfrom other Partner countries, to exchange experience and to learn new methods and skills from each otherin order to develop professional skill of Outward Bound instructors working with youth in the field ofentreprenorial developement, to develop new water based programs, creativity and entrepreneurship. Ourprojects aims the participation of young people, the cultural diversity, European citizenship, the inclusion ofyoung people with fewer opportunities, youth unemployment, poverty and marginalization, spirit of initiative,creativity and entrepreneurship, employability, throught grassroots sport and outdoor activities, promotinghealthy behaviours, social inclusion and active participation;global environmental challenges and climate change. Activities foreseen:1. 9 day water-based Training of trainers in Outdoor Leadership in Hong Kong for 27 trainers from 9 countries.2. Three to five day local field projects in each participant country about development of Creativity and entrepreneurship having participants with reduced possibilities who will benefit from the new skills and methods of youth workers who participated in the first phase of the project. We expect 405 young people to participate at these trainings..3. Youth exchange with the theme of creativity and entrepreneurship- this will be a 9 day water based" course organized in Romania in the Danube Delta with participation of 27 young people people. Thisactivity will be organised by У youth workers/trainers who attendecTtHelralrring in Hong Kong. The program-will be monitored and the youth workers will be monitored by one trainer from Hong Kong and one from Romania.Venues: Hong Kong-China, Romania, Ecuador, Germany, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Croatia, Brasil, HungaryNumber of participants: 4 trainers + 27 youth workers + approx 432 young peopleConcise description of the expected outputs:- 27 of youth workers from 9 countries getting trained in water based outdoor activities with focus onentrepreneurial development as main theme- 432 young people with fewer opportunities in each country participate in local projects about development of creativity and entrepreurship- Higher quality youth outdoor programmes in the participating countries.- 27 young people (3 young people with fewer opportunities from each country) and one youthworker/country will experience an international character program in the Danube Delta in Romania on thetheme of creativity and entrepreneurship- on the previously mentioned programs the participants creativity, spirit of initiative and entrepreneurship skills will be enhanced and they will have enhanced tolerance and understanding for international issues- a new water based programme type will be created, and piloted in Romania which enables Outward Bound Romania to organize water based Outward Bound character development courses.- a network will be created which will communicate in a google- or yahoogroups.- more joint program and international staff exchanges will be generated- there will be a better communication among different Outward Bound organisation in Europe and among Programme countries and Partner countries- There will be new relations with China (Hong Kong) and new staff exchanges will be generated with Outward Bound Hong Kong- Chinese youth will discover Europe.-Youth workers from Programme countries and from Partner countries will discover China and will build relationship with chinese staff and youth.
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