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Start date: Sep 1, 2016, End date: Aug 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Gullmarsgymnasiet is an upper secondary school with a general aim to meet students from various backgrounds and with different aspirations. The school, which is open to all students, is geographically distant from the bigger cities, but we can offer a broad spectrum of experiences. Gullmarsgymnasiet works deliberately in order to give our students good knowledge of industry and working life, and corporations and universities are important partners. Thanks to our six years within the Leonardo project approximately 30 pedagogues and twice as many students have been able to visit other European countries, thus bringing back new cultural and linguistic experiences to our school and our municipality. We have also increased our students’ and teachers’ awareness of mobility, which is very important for our students, since they will be expected to move to the jobs they may be offered when they have finished upper secondary school or their university studies.A continuation within Erasmus+ will give Gullmarsgymnasiet and the municipality of Lysekil the opportunity to continue a project that we have named “a learning community”. The municipality of Lysekil and Gullmarsgymnasiet aim at being characterized by curiosity that leads to lifelong learning, and by giving the students the chance to do internships outside their own safe bubbles we will increase their openness and their curiosity, which will have long-lasting positive effects on our organization for many years ahead. Teachers as well as students who bring back learning experiences from Norway, England and in the future also from Scotland, contribute to our own development. We regard Erasmus+ as an important part of our systematic increase of general knowledge of the world around us and of working skills in the fields in which the students do their internships. We apply for grants to send eight teachers to Norway, who, together with the twelve students, will observe their working skills and compare them with the skills at our school. Therein lies a great opportunity to develop a branch which is still in the bud stage in Sweden – aquaculture and tourism. Antoher area of development is cultivation of algae, which we see the opportunity to develope in cooperation with Scotland. Here we are applying for eight students and six teachers. We are also looking for internships for 22 students and 8 teachers in an exchange project with Huddersfield New College, where we know that students of economics, food and nutrition, and health and social care will get the chance to do internships at exciting work places and also experience English culture and lifestyle. Our students are expected to do internships during their travels, thus experiencing Norwegian and English working life.Further, we know that they will take part in culture and language through their host families and colleagues. The result, which we also measure through student surveys, is increased confidence in terms of travelling and coping in new surroundings using foreign languages. We want our students and the teachers that accompany them to gain confidence when it comes to opening up for new ways of cooperation and new experiences. What is most important in our new application is that Gullmarsgymnasiet now has a group of teachers who work together with applications outside of Europe. This is in line with the fact that there is a group of teachers from different programs at Gullmarsgymnasiet who strive to make Gullmarsgymnasiet a school where a global sustainable perspective is always present in our discussions. We want to make sure that the students are met with a global, sustainable perspective, and therefore the spreading of travels and experiences are important factors for those who take part. If we are given the means to carry through exchanges between 2016 and 2018, we will develop new methods of presenting experiences related to exchange projects. It is important that the whole school as well as our corporate partners get to know about our exchange projects with Norway and England.
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