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Outdoor skills for urban kids
Start date: Apr 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

We want to carry out the project in response to the passivity of young people, underestimation of social skills in growing up, low awareness of the importance of active participation in the social environment and the consequent lack of competitiveness of young people in the labor market. Therefore, we want to implement a youth exchange in nature, a few kilometers from the place where young people can experience the experience of nature with all your senses. The idea of ??the exchange is also that participants will sleep in tents and changed the course of the exchange of a few sites that are distant from each other as much, that they will overcome by foot. We want to encourage active leisure time outdoors and thus also to social inclusion and active participation of young people in the society. The phrase 'outdoor skills' applicants understood as skills that a person needs for the purpose of active leisure time outdoors. Is a broad term, but certainly covers the basic manual and physical skills, and basic knowledge about the area that surrounds us. In this project we want to develop awareness of the importance of active leisure time during the school for a period of adulthood and through the activities undertaken to recognize the added value of carrying out a variety of outdoor activities. With this project we want to encourage healthy behavior by providing outdoor activities, as a means of promoting social inclusion and active participation of young people in the society. Social inclusion of young people will be achieved through methods and ways of working. The work will mainly take place in mixed groups where every individual has something to contribute with their work or knowledge. Participants will be actively involved in the process of creation and this also leads to active participation of young people in all stages of the exchange. Young people will also help formulate the reflective individuals who are actively involved in the company. Through the exchange, participants will discover and develop their personal potential and acquired skills will be developed in sense of self-empowerment and self-esteem, thereby improving career prospects and employability especially in shortage occupations and improve the sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. Young people with fewer opportunities to develop basic skills, improve the level of key competences. All the time we promote non-formal and informal learning. OBJECTIVES: - Raise awareness of the importance of active leisure for independence (personal and economic), - Participants will gain in social skills, - Sustainable development: personal, social, economic (agriculture), - The active concern of young people themselves (food, shelter), care for a sustainable society, - Increase employability. Exchanges will be attended by young people from 5 different countries, aged 15-18 years. These are young people who are involved in secondary education or after completing primary school completed their studies and are already present in the labor market. Each partner organization will take care of five participants and one group leader. Since the 5 partner organizations, we expect 30 participants. In 8 days the young people in the surrounding Litija will camp in two locations. The first location is a farm in the rural areas, where they will have the opportunity to learn about farm work and their main activity. Also, the participants will visit the surroundings of Litija and its natural features (river Sava, forest). This will have the opportunity to learn to build tools, flutes and other wood products. Will learn the basics of orientation and hiking, as they will during the exchange had an orientation hike Find your new home where they will be newly acquired knowledge can be confirmed in practice. So we changed the course of the exchange accommodation and we all settled on a nearby hill in a beautiful forest surroundings. Also at this location, young people will learn about farming and self-provisioning, but will learn some basics of working with wood. Participants will be described with acquired competencies raise the level of awareness of the importance of active leisure, get to know which competencies are important in achieving greater competitiveness when entering the labor market, in particular, will raise the level of self-confidence, self-realization and thus greater social inclusion. In addition, they will learn about outdoor activities and the positive effects brought about by the active leisure and healthy lifestyle. Methods of non-formal and experiential learning will help to participants will be actively involved in the process, at the same time this will achieve greater social inclusion.
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