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Outdoor for healthy life-style
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Jul 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

International Training Course " Outdoor for healthy life-style" will be held in Borjomi, Georgia, during 26.08.2015 - 03.09.2015. The training course is based on approach and principles of non-formal education with regular non-formal education methods and sport activities,well-prepared and qualified trainers will share their experience to participants and help them to explore connection between physical activity and health. Activities that we have planned for implementing our project will be through healthy lifestyle and sport. In this project outdoor activities would be used as a practical and important tool for promotion of healthy lifestyle. As we are aiming to promote healthy life-style, we have decided that project will be held outside, Participants would live in tents and there would be 3-4 persons in each one (boys and girls in different tents). Tents are waterproof and useful for all weather conditions and are chosen according to the season and climate of the camping area . Participants will bring their mattress and sleeping bags with them. In case of need hosting organization will provide extra equipment; In this camp will be solar showers, Georgia is full of springs and near our place is pure water source, moreover the camp place would be near river. Project will be targeted on 24 youth workers in camping and in healthy life-style from 8 different countries from EU and EECA regions - Germany, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Armenia and Ukraine. Main aim of the project is to involve participants and show them how to use sport and outdoor activities as a tool to live healthy! Practicing sports periodically, even if this means going up the stairs instead of using the elevator or leaving the car for the bike, means more than fighting diseases. Sports also improves memory and learning. Practicing sports also decreases by 20-40 % the risk of colon cancer. Exercising decreases the levels of these hormones. In the case of colon cancer, the positive effect is also due to the increase in intestinal mobility and this way toxins remain less in contact with the colon. Not to mention the increased lung capacity of that individual. There are lots of examples that sporty life helps a person to avoid lots of disease and nowadays, when Internet and virtual world someway replaced lots of things in a humans daily life, we are sure people needs to remind about all these things! So during the project professional trainers will be theoretically teaching and learning of tools and activities which leads us to everyday healthy life-style, and we are going to continue with practicing and experiencing all the things later we have learn. Decision why we want to make project in outdoor is clear - when showing and teaching people why is important sporty life-style, is more comfortable and visible when u do this outdoor. This will be also promotion to give example people, that pleasure is not only traveling with bus, train, plane, but strongly interesting is doing it with your foots, with your tent, discovering the whole world, avoid pollution of air, enjoy of each moment in the nature. And for this person should know some specifies how to survive and what is important when outdoor. Thats why we are going to have specialists also, who will make sessions about outdoor, what is important to have, what are the basic levels for a person who starts living with healthy life-style and goes even first time for an outdoor activity. The result and impact of the project will be clear and long-perspective, the result we will even see during the project, how participants will learn and be interested, and what is most important - use in their everyday life-style, we are going to create a blog, where participants have possibility keep in touch with each other, even after the project is finished, share their experience and continuation of living style, what they used, what they experienced after the project, all the partners will have a task after coming back to their countries to prepare workshop summarizing the TC and share it between their organizations participants. Also from applicant and organization staff will be special group, who will take care about monitoring projects during and after. it means that on the blog will be carried out information also by them how this project helped them in their everyday life, what and which methods they have used after coming back to their countries back, how they continued life and what these projects have changed for them. We also do hope, that this blog increases possibility that we will continue doing these kind of projects in future with the help of these participants and we hope that they have more motivation to get more knowledge in this field and on next projects we can invite them as trainers of facilitators, we hope that for these participants we give potential for longer term benefits.
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