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Out and About
Start date: Jul 1, 2011,

The Olde Vechte foundation is organizing a group EVS for 30 less-opportunity youth. These young people are coming from different kinds of places and area's with various backgrounds such as minorities, conflict countries, socially excluded or handicapped youth. For these youngsters we are creating a great opportunity to experience mainly voluntary work within a new culture with Dutch people. The aim for this project is to offer them a life time experience, but also to widen up their perspective on Europe, different cultures and other ways of working with different kind of people. We believe that such experiences are contributing in creating mutual understanding. And these are those qualities/ skills that support youth also in future work and life. During a four week program, packed with voluntary work, activities, fun and cultural input, youth will experience a wide variety of opportunities in which they can learn and experiment. Through voluntary work, we use a very successful method called "learning by experience". This method is offering to youth the opportunity to become responsible for their actions and teach them how to create wanted results for their own personal life. With 30 other youngsters within an international context it is a very intensive but inspiring way of learning. A lifetime experience and now reachable for this youth through this project and support of the national youth agency.What is unique in OUT AND ABOUT project is that we learned from our last experiences of the last years and we create reinforced mentorship through the presence of 5 mentors trained by OldeVechte Foundation experienced in volunteering work, who will coach and guide the participants in the whole project -for 30 days- in order to give them the maximum learning and support. Each mentor will have a group to support of 6 less-opportunity volunteers. We believe that when less-opportunity youth have inspiring examples working with them, works well and the effective learning, protection and safety is increased. This contributes to their willingness and motivation to make it work.In addition to this, the program and input of the project is mainly carried out by volunteers who did themselves EVS or did projects/ exchanges that had similar goals and aims. These volunteers who are working on the input and carrying out the project can support the participating youth trough their own experience, and guide them through the experiences on an equal level.

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