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OUR VISITING BIRD FRIENDS: a research project of shared migratory birds between Finland and Turkey.
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The context of this project we we are drawing from is the need to illustrate to our students that they are definitely not just part of one country but they are part of a bigger international community. We are using migratory birds as a simple way to show one very basic way all European nations are connect which is through the shared wildlife. We hope to open our students' eyes to the fact that they can communicate with the world around them, that they can speak English to accomplish goals and that they are connected to the world community around them. While visitors are present at each partner school all students at each school will have an opportunity to participate and interact with the project and its activities. For visits we will be taking ten students how show the most interest and knowledge about project topics. Activities will include all subject branches from language learning, to biology and environmental awareness, to art and poster design and an overall importance will be placed on IT skills and their usage. Our most used methodologies will be the communication method as well as the CLIL method where, when children are provided with the opportunity to speak in a context of their interest, children will use any and all language they have to communicate to preform tasks. Our concrete outcomes of this project are going to be the posters advertising our visiting bird friends. The abstract outcomes of this project will be the added communication input to out students as well as their added European dimension and the reduction of xenophobia felt by our students. The IT skills of our students will be greatly improved sell as their social skills. The longterm benefits that this project will have on out students will be the feeling of European citizenship and new found friendships which they will have for a lifetime.
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