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Start date: Jun 1, 2016, End date: May 31, 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

From our bilingual educational centre, we think that it is fundamental the contact with other forms of education to improve and update globally the quality of education in languages. We think that this system of approximation of positions between several centres will turn out to be very profitable for all the involved parties, and it will be a very direct way of innovating and improving our quality of education, meaning a stimulus for the teachers and promoting at the same time a space of contact at European level. For all this, this year from our Bilingual Centre we have decided to bet for the observation of the work in other European schools (job shadowing)and the attendance to a course about the methodology of English. . The aims to be implemented for this new project are the following:• Internationalization of our School.• Promote awareness of a European area of lifelong learning and an international dimension of education.• Develop and form in key competences (linguistic, cultural, and natural). • Improve the teaching and learning of a foreign language to thus expand the linguistic and cultural diversity, as well as promote human and civil values.• Ensure the professional development of the faculty. • Enhance responsiveness to diversity. • Promote improvements in quality and innovation. • Raise awereness in students of the importance of participating in different projects to be aware of their future integration into a more intercultural society. • Increase the sense of initiative in our students to improve their self-esteem.The total number of participants who request this formation is 10, all proved teachers in languages (English, French, Italian), either being English or French language specialists, or teaching other subjects in English (methods AICLE and CLIL). All of them have taken courses in Key Competences organized by the CEP (Teachers’ Educational centre), the topic in which our project will be based. Moreover, the faculty is attending a yearly course in cooperative work, which will help implement new teaching and learning methods. Our project has as a basis the observation and implementation of new and different methodologies (cooperative work, group work, small-group teaching, mobile education...) leading to an innovative teaching using foreign languages, both English and French, by a faculty with the appropriate language skills. Our aim is to carry out projects related to the environment , recycling, linguistic inmersions in nature as well as a KA2 to establish contact with partners abroad. We believe that in this way we will raise knowledge and the preparation of teachers and students which will improve the quality of teaching, and also we will head towards internationalization to engage in the European area. We will carry out activities before, during and after the job shadowing explained in this form. All the participants agree on the profit of exchange experiences and the need to adopt new methodologies to innovate in our daily labor and try to improve pedagogically by means of the use of foreign languages (English and French). In order to do this, we will implement inclusive methods as cooperative work, group work, small-group teaching, mobile education, etc. This way we will also open new cultural horizons to our pupils. Consequently, we will try to attract the attention of those pupils who are less motivated, or find alternatives to deal with those students with some specific difficulties. Visiting teachers and teachers involved in the above mentioned project will talk about the following topics: the environment , recycling, linguistic inmersions, intercultural closeness, human values etc. In addition, we will try to highlight the teaching and learning of a foreign language as a key element in our students’ education.In the personal field, the above mentioned experience will mean for the implied teachers more confidence as for the use of the language of work, on having used it as the language of communication and that of exchange of experiences. As for the professional field, this activity of formation will contribute to develop new methodologies, cooperative work based on key competences and to carry out the new o European models of teaching. At the same time, the dissemination of the project is planned through the Platform of dissemination of the EU and their national agencies, the website of the Centre and the blog created in community along with other schools in the area for this purpose, open day, press articles ,…
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