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The main aims of the project which is called "Our Planet Under Pressure" were to attract students' attention to the ecological problems of waste and to get and share experiences between the partners of the project. In subjects like Science, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and English teachers organized visits so that students could leave classrooms in theory and could get in touch aspects related to the topic "Environment". By experiencing different situations in reality learning became easier and teaching more motivating. Students easily developed the capacity to present conclusions, solutions or simply give some opinions. We must admit the strong impact the hands-on activities had on students. They showed a real interest in collecting data and running their part in the projects with a professional attitude, proud to show the results to their partners. They improved their skills in IT as well, and took part in the common blog, made on purpose by the Lithuanian partners. Portuguese partners edited the booklet of the project as a final product where the most significant events were represented by all three participating countries. All the participating students compiled the storyboards where students gave their reflection and feedback on the project. The questionnaires helped the teachers to find out the impact of the project to the school community and to the students themselves. By being actively engaged in this project teachers experienced a friendlier and closer involvement with their students, shared teaching methodologies and strategies with their peers from the participating countries and got in touch with new realities by visiting partner schools. This kind of project gave us opportunity of visiting other European countries and of being aware of different cultures and traditions. Students progressed in English becoming more and more confident in expressing themselves. A lot of activities involved students, parents, local authorities and enterprises.

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