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Our past is unifying us - A contribution to the European principle: Unity in diversity
End date: Aug 22, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Our past is unifying us". The European Union is based on 'unity in diversity': According to surveys in our schools, this concept is more easily floated than understood. The aim of our project is the investigation of these two principles in specific application areas, followed by the question of the real coherences and interdependencies between both ideas. Beginning with the term "European unity", we choose the historic approach. As the starting point we are taking the old Roman roads, which formed the first European unity including one currency for hundreds of years. This is a creative approach, because remains of the Roman cross country-roads are on the doorsteps of most of our schools. Near our German partner in Planegg, there existed as well an important Roman trading station, where products of the regions of our partners in France, Italy and Latvia were found. Integrating our partners from Turkey and Latvia (with the example of the Amber Road from Italy to the Baltic region), we see the unity as well as a kind of "open construction" towards outside.Concerning the "variety" we will begin in the present time with our regional culture, going back into the past, using selected examples. As a result we expect finding the deeper interrelation between unity and variety. First we will focus on all regional traditions and customs around our schools - from culture, folklore to historical grounded ecological farms. With references to surveys and questionnaires made by all of our partners, we will find out those, which are filled with life. Investigating their historical origins, we will compare them with similar traditions from our partners. In several cases common traditions and production are dating back to the Roman times via the antique network of roads.Finally we took a look on European variety towards outside. Our variety is one guarantee of external peace policy. This is the idea of Abbé de Saint Pierre, Rousseau and Kant.

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