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Our Languages
Start date: Nov 1, 2010,

From 2007-2009, CILT led a consortium on the 'Our Languages' project. It supported migrant and community languages (known as community languages in the UK) teaching and learning, raised the profile of bilingual learners in mainstream schools, boosting their self-esteem through accreditation of their language skills and promoting the benefits of plurilingualism. It provided information on accreditation, community language provision and research, events and links related to community languages education. It facilitated collaboration between the complementary and mainstream school sectors, modelled good practice in teaching and learning, promoted community cohesion and plurilingualism and celebrated pupil achievement. One strand promoted family learning, adults and pupils working alongside one another. By recognising pupils' achievement in their home language, it raised pupils' self-esteem and increased their motivation for learning. Outcomes included a 'Toolkit': strategic guidance, resources for teachers and case studies. The project supported work across the country in 90 schools. The purpose of this project is to disseminate the results of this pilot. The outputs will be:- Identification of key stakeholders across the EU- A series of 2 conferences and seminars to share best practice, case studies, resources and pedagogies- Development of a network of 50+ language professionals from across Europe who will participate in the dissemination activities- Development of a website which will contain details of the project, strategic advice, resources, best practice film clips, case studies, sample schemes of work and a message board. All will be free to download.- 1000 copies of a 'Toolkit' which includes resources, case studies and a DVD illustrating best pedagogical practice.- Initiation of similar projects in a minimum of 3 other EU countries - Promote the resources to a minimum of 5000 learners across at least 5 countries- Evaluation report
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