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" Our Eurowiki: Opening windows, opening minds"
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Cooperation for innovation and the exchange of good practices Project title “ Our Eurowiki: opening windows, opening minds” “ Our Eurowiki: opening windows, opening minds” is an Erasmus + school partnership project among teachers and pupils from 3 European countries: Spain, Poland, The Netherlands. All of us live in Europe , we all know that we are not the same, we have some things in common but also some differences, but we don't really know these similarities and differences. If we open the others our windows and show them how we live and how we are it will be easier to understand each other , to accept that things are not better or worse but different , to respect the others. If we open our windows we will open our minds. The purpose of the project is to give these young people different perspectives for viewing the world, to give them the opportunity to open their minds by interacting with other cultures, to make them feel themselves as part of Europe ,as human beings together with all others, to make them feel united in diversity. All this is not possible without the use of foreign languages and of new technologies in the world we are living. That´s why participant teams will create a wiki as an instrument of communicating, exchanging, sharing and collaborating with other European partners in a different way. The project will cover two school years, from September 2014 up to June 2016 and there will be 15/16-year-old students exchanges among the three participant organisations in the two years of the project.The virtual communication and cooperation among all partners will be ensured by the use of different digital tools being the key tool the creation of the wiki. The main language will be English though French,Spanish, Polish and Dutch will become also part of the project.Students will be encouraged to know their partners from other countries. They will learn how to interact with others on the basis of mutual respect. Interesting topics and innovative and attractive activities such as power-point presentations,videos,pictures explained with podcasts, reports, glogsters, slides, exhibitions, posters, mailing, web-quests, tresure hunts, will ensure students’ active involvement. Because of all that their communication and social skills will surely improve. Their foreign languages and ICT competences will also increase. An important objective of the project will also be the development of students´creative learning, active participation and initiative to learn, as well as interdisciplinary and collaborative work. A face-to-face communication while exchanges will be also an important part of the project because they provide students with opportunities that they simply could not get anywhere else. During their exchange, students become more independent, self-confident, and culturally understanding, along with using other languages. They will also share information of the project, evaluate it and see if new activities can come out of these meetings, both teachers and students After the return to one’s native country, students enjoy sharing his or her new culture with those around them. The topics of activities will be aimed at knowing about the others, on a first step about students´ near background and on a second step on their most relevant culture and traditions.All this by means of students’ interviews with each other, surveys or questionnaires , contest on their researches , an online collaborative multilingual dictionary. The final products will include power-point presentations explaining the results of students’ project experiences. Participants will display posters illustrating the project, as well as banners outside. We hope that through this experience the teachers and students not only see themselves as national persons in a class, in a town, in a country, but also as part of Europe, as human beings together with all the others. We also think tolerance is wider, you find out that the differences in some things are big, and in others not so big. You understand yourself and your own situation better. And you get friends across the borders. The results of the project will be documented and published on eTwinning platform and Erasmus+ platform.
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