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Otwórzmy uczniom drzwi do Europy.
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our Project titled Open Our Students The Door To Europe is a multidisciplinary conception according to which a lot of teachers from our school will gain knowledge and skills to boost the effectiveness of teaching. It will appeal to our future students – ‘’ the 21st century’’ school clients .One of our aims is to acquire skills and abilities by the staff members ,sent on the chosen courses ,who in turn will be able to use CLIL. It can be achieved through the participation of our teachers in language and methodology courses on the method. Thanks to the widespread usage of the approach lessons ,in our school, will not lose the touch with reality. It will give a significant influence to motivate our students to self-improvement. Our second target is to introduce indispensible innovations in teaching foreign languages. The teacher of the 21st must verify and master his or her teaching methods. The participation in the courses mentioned above allow the teachers to introduce new inspiring teaching methods. So the results of A-levels can be better in our institution. Our next aim is to give our teaching staff international solutions how to fight classroom boredom in formalized education. Due to all the courses , observation of classes abroad and the exchange of school experience the trained teachers will know how to work more efficiently with students for whom school isn’t any longer the main source of information but the Internet is. It will help raise the awareness of long life learning and prevent early school leaving. The good command of a foreign language will open the door to study in Europe and our pupils will be able to pass external language exams to work in the EU. Fighting with school low performance is our next aspiration. Our tutor, school psychologist and class teachers look for solutions to battle addictions, low attendance, low school performance and deal with disabilities. The aim can be fulfilled through job shadowing courses. Our last ambition is to develop the European dimension of our institution through international cooperation. Our school plans further international cooperation and is prepared to it with a lot of teachers equipped with new, pedagogical knowledge. There will be 16 teachers (24 mobility; 14 day) in the project: class teachers, language and subject ones. These participants have voluntarily decided to take part in the project. First our school will choose participants for the above mentioned courses. The project contracts will be signed and then beforehand the chosen teachers will start preperations both on their own or In an organised way like language courses. They will find out about history and geography of their course region. After the courses the participants will be introducing acquired knowledge and skills working with students. They also will make a bank of lesson plans which can be used by the rest of the teaching staff. Due to the fulfilment of the Project lessons will be conducted with the usage od CLIL. It will increase our school effectiveness, allow it to be more competitive and promote our school on the local educational market. Through the extended offer our school- leavers will have a better access to international universities and job markets. Language teachers thanks to perfected previous methods will introduce innovations In teaching. Their lessons will be more attractive and teaching effectiveness will increase the results of A- levels in our school. The participants In the Project will encourage other teachers from our school to take part In this type of enterprise In the future. Exchanged experience, new contacts and cooperation with teachers from other European schools will help achieve mutual cooperation within a KA2 action In Erasmus+. As a result our students can make friends with teenagers from other European countries and visit them. The mentioned pupils will possess new knowledge on the countries , create a platform for building tolerance and cooperation among all European countries. The participation In the Project will motivate our students to learn foreign languauges on their own.
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