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Отворени към Европа - ние учим, развиваме се и поемаме отговорности
Start date: Aug 10, 2015, End date: Aug 9, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

"Open to Europe - we learn, develop and take responsibility". This is the name of the project we started couple of months ago. We strongly believe that attending this mobility, such as the course "Professional Development" which we chose, at Oxford House College, would provide a chance to identify the problems we encounter as teachers, to improve our language awareness and thus to achieve confidence through quality, that we expect to meet. The course provides a forum for development of our professional skills, from insight into recent developments in English language to practical classroom ideas and activities. It is also designed to develop our knowledge of contemporary English usage and provide participants with the opportunity to improve their all- round competences in English. European dimension is very important part of school education, which is already fact in our 88th Secondary School "Dimitar Popnikolov" in Sofia. We have been working on International projects since 2006 and even at the moment we started two new Erasmus+ KA2 projects: "High School Drop Outs" and "Every Child is an Artist". Our project is based on four very important objectives, which are really connected with the needs of our institution. The priorities to our school we included into the European plan of development and it stressed on: 1. ICT in the curriculum. ICT is a main subject taught to all students from classes 1 to 12. Informatics and ITC are part of vocational training program of high school level ( classes 9 -12 ). Implementing ITC in the curriculum is a priority of the school development. ITC are inseparable part of many subjects - Bulgarian, Biology, History, Art, Music and Foreign Languages. ICT are the most creative means to motivate students to take their studies more seriously. Over 50 % of the students use e-mails to exchange resources and materials with the teachers and their classmates. Students participate in international ITC projects and competitions. 2. Foreign Language Teaching. Foreign language learning is priority to our school. In our school there are 10 classes (8-12 grade) about 40 students, with intensive English learning. To improve language learning we use electronic books. Working on international projects include: on line communication, usage of social network and various on line teaching resources - blogs, presentations, brochures, videos, etc. 3. Practical Orientation of the Curriculum. We think the lack of practice is the major problem that Bulgarian educational system faces today. That is why we would like to have close relations with ICT companies. We would like to cooperate with the software and web design company LIP TRADE Ltd. We are planning students' visits and experience on spot and improving young people's practical knowledge. We are also planning "Student's day" once a term. Students will visit their parents' work places and use the laptops in order to help their parents with simple tasks. Our students will interact with businesses and acquire practical experiences. 4. Sustainable education. Developing education in the early 21st century faces new and old challenges and stresses on the importance of Europeans values such as: solidarity, tolerance, inclusion, human rights and democracy. This needs the growth of critical support for international development efforts and meeting our moral responsibilities as habitants of this planet. It focuses on 3Ps: People, Planet, Profit. Eight participants from our school, were chosen by a panel/jury. They followed preliminary criteria and there is a written record of the process. These colleges are teaching: ITC, English, colleagues, who teach Biology, History and Music in English and a vice- principal, who is involved in management and dealing with the difficult students. The diversification of teaching process is of a great importance to all students and the institution as a whole. Attending the course we would be able to improve our abilities and skills in order to work more successfully. We hope we would be exposed to a great number of activities, new practical ideas for teaching, developing language awareness and using the latest technology and methods. To us the great benefit would be to increase our confidence in English language, to be able to help our students to improve their own language, to learn easily and more efficiently. Attending the sessions about teaching with ITC would help us to perform better in the classroom. Using new and interesting activities in the classroom and having the confidence to challenge my students, would help me to discover their unique blend of intelligence. We reckon learning is continuous process and this true not only for our students but also for ourselves- teachers. That is way we consider ourselves as enthusiastic and determined Bulgarian teachers, who are eager for knowledge and try to keep up with the latest trends.
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