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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Laser manufacturing has been taking conventional manufacturing’s place with each passing day in the automotive sector, especially in the developed countries. Lasers are in use within the manufacturing sector for assembling, dismantling, opening, moving, drilling, canalling, machining, burning, grinding, shaping, technical surface treating, cleaning, covering, hardening, improving material’s internal structure, alloying, material analyzing, measuring, controlling, remoting, communicating, defense industry and lots of different types of use. The use of laser manufacturing is constantly rising in our country which its industry is also developing each passing day. It’s been located that our students could not meet the expectations of laser manufacturing field considering employment processes of our grads and works of our teachers when preparing this project. The main objective of this project is to raise qualified staff that can use their knowledge and skills in practice about laser technologies. The teachers who work at our institute could not meet the chance to develop themselves in the workshops that has old technology before the project. The teachers who aimed to self-learning program for a life time and self-development have carried out the project. It was also aimed that our students and teachers to develop their lingual skills and have self-improvements by culturally interacting with other people. The project has been carried out with the consortium membership of our applier institute Kazan Efes Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School, Man Türkiye I.C. and Çankırı Vocational and Technical Anatolian High School. ROC Ter AA, Liceul Technologic “Simion Mehedinti” and WBS Training AG have participated as overseas partners within the project. WBS Training AG has informed us about that they were not going to be able to complete their part as our overseas host and apply the education program after the project’s approval date. After WBS Training AG has left the project, Man Türkiye I.C.’s human resources has stepped in and helped us to find another overseas partner from Germany. An agreement has been made with Autostone which is an institute that meets our overseas partner criteria with the help of the Man I.C. Germany authorities. The overseas partner has approved our education program after the meetings within the knowledge of our project expert. 10 students and an accompanying teacher from Man Türkiye I.C. went to Germany; 10 students and an accompanying teacher from Kazan Efes VTAHS went to Holland; 10 students and an accompanying teacher from Çankırı VTAHS went to Romania; 4 teachers from Kazan Efes VTAHS and 4 teachers from Çankırı VTAHS went to Holland in order to complete project mobility. It was planned that 2 teachers from Man Türkiye I.C. to participate in the project but due to visa issues it was not possible for them to complete the mobility. Our students and teachers have developed their vocational knowledge and skills about laser manufacturing in accordance with our project’s objectives. The education programs were successfully applied by the overseas partners. Overseas partners have certificated our participants in accordance with the project proposal. Participants have got the chance to obtain Europass documents by attending to the mobility. In this context, the chance of getting hired has been increased for the people who participate within the project through the certification. Participants have developed their English skills by using the language during the trainings. Participants have brought the project to its cultural objectives by completing the cultural activities as a part of the educational program. The project had a positive impact on students’ skill improvements and certification processes. Students have gained other skills that will be useful for their employment processes through the lingual development and cultural activities. Participating teachers have gained important skills and experiences during the educational program. Teachers have brought new educational applications into our institute and started a work in order to improve educational quality. The fact that the project has been carried out by the consortium and the partnership of a strong company Man Türkiye I.C. was quite helpful for us in order to meet our institutional objectives.
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