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Otimização da Mobilidade Transnacional VET em Rede II
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The consortium has already selected five students with special educational needs (for Finland and Spain) as the opportunity to participate in a project of this nature will help us in the preparation of a Transition Individual Plan properly adjusted to their needs. Since they will participate in this project for only a 2-week period, it is expected that 2 teachers can accompany them throughout this period so that their training can actually occur and be successful. We will greatly encourage young people from poorer backgrounds to apply to this project because, in this way, they are likely to enjoy a personal, professional and social experience that otherwise would be impossible to live, something which may have very positive implications in their future. Once this is, in large part, our reality, we expect that, at least, half of the beneficiaries of this project are students with fewer opportunities from the point of social life. The courses culminate with the presentation of a project, called Proof of Professional Aptitude (PPA) and an experience of Work Base Learning (WBL), both to be held in the hosting countries. The PPA - essential so that they can successfully complete their courses and obtain dual certification - is the high point of professional courses, for it is here that young people can actually make concrete achievements that have developed, using the knowledge gained, to solve problems. The possibility to perform this proof abroad is, again, a positive point of this project because it will provide the students of other experiences and professional practices, increasing their knowledge of the labour market and, in particular, other methods and ways of working. The work-based learning which the present application aims to realize, partly in a transnational context, is divided into different times during the course of a total of 840 hours, and is always carried out in the form of work experience. Professional activities during the WBL testify in favor of skills and professional knowledge acquired during the training, and are structuring aspects of the professional student future. The beneficiaries of this project will hold its WBL in transnational context, with a 8-week, totaling 300 hours. In practice, this time of training is to develop a set of professional activities under the coordination and monitoring of the School, supervised by the hosting organization, and aimed at the acquisition or development of technical, organizational and relational skills in a business context, relevant to the professional profile of the course chosen by the student. The organization and the development of the WBL follow a plan, a learning agreement and a memorandum of understanding concluded between the parties, with a view to accommodating the company's activity and possible activities to be developed by the students in a real context which meets the individual professional profile of each student and all the skills worked throughout their training. These agreements between the involved parties are signed by the competent body of the school, the host institution, the student and also by their parents, if the student is a minor. At the same time, it is intended that 15 teachers may follow a training course for a week, in the institutions where the students are doing their respective internship. With this, we hope to contribute to promote a professional, technical and personal enrichment – as they hardly have opportunities to collaborate with companies - as well as the sharing of best practices, of mentoring and monitoring and also, at the same time, they can verify the entire evaluation process, certification and validation of skills and learning, acquired by their students. The need to accompany underage students will be fulfilled by the presence of these teachers in training, since they will also use part of their time to monitor the integration of the beneficiaries and the work they are developing in the hosting country.
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