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Otelcilik ve Turizm Meslek Lisesi Mezunlarının 1Yıl Süre ile İş Başı Eğitimi
Start date: Dec 15, 2014, End date: Dec 14, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Our project, our school Ayvalik Hotel and Tourism Vocational High School, 2014-2015 academic year of the end of May which in 2015 will graduate this project, with the mobility of a new life Take the first step to our students in Germany for 1 year job training includes . Professional skills, as well as the importance of foreign language students in our schools, they could not detect due to their restricted use areas are observed. It also lives of young people in the industry and will continue to be able to hold them to make career planning difficult. With this project, our students practical knowledge of foreign languages and foreign languages necessity of advancing assimilate, practice and improve their professional knowledge and is aimed at improving information about European culture. Beneficiaries of the European Union will be able to compete with its peers in the country one is expected to develop a vision and self-confidence. Establishing a connection between students and businesses, provision of employment opportunities in the European tourism sector is one of our project goals. Students' skills and abilities, quality of vocational training , increasing the vocational education reform process to increase participation and to strengthen Turkey's EU process from the professional point of EU member countries and the integration with the aim of this project is proposed . In a project priority targets ; Erasmus + Program's overall aim also included in the area , " the European labor market development especially in the context of young people basic vocational training after completing all levels of skill and talent to increase , consequently employment and vocational integration and facilitation " is. This connection may be accomplished by apprenticeship training . 9 Located in the five-year development plan , the development of vocational and technical education and vocational training and support of our project is a priority at the national level . Our project is to compete and entrepreneurship , in terms of new employment opportunities to increase participation in the innovation process for vocational education institutions and attaches importance to cooperation between enterprises . Innovative counseling and guidance approaches are of particular importance in the project . The most important outcomes expected from the project, and to increase the employability of disadvantaged young people of this training is to hold on to life. 1 year at the end of the process, as long as the natural development of linguistic skills, the provision of professional development, hand skills and be equipped to compete with European peers, expected project outcomes. This training schools early in later years abandoned, unemployed young people to be more intense contact our office, our organization is our expected results from the project. Our partners , our students one year after graduation in Germany for providing job training were offered an educational planning . Students come to Germany as part of the EU project and to receive training throughout their first year of tuition, accommodation , eating, drinking, have pledged to meet the costs . We reduced the financial situation , he can not continue education in Europe or you want to draw a new route to a successful life with our kids, holding their first steps with this project we are planning casts . In our project , financially , plus there is a lot of reference to other projects . Under the protocol, performed detailed budgeting at EU finance CALCULATED TOTAL BUDGET : 185,055.00 EURO stop. The project team as we did with overseas partners with budgeting REQUESTED TOTAL BUDGET : 69375.00 EURO has been decided on that . That's about 2/3 portion was requested .
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