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Osteoporozda AB Yaklaşımı ile Kırıksız ve Daha Kaliteli Yarınlara
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Aging of the world population along with the extending life time has caused a significant increase in the incidence of osteoporosis and osteoporotic fractures. It has become a significant economical and social problem. It is also a significant health problem for Europe which has an elderly population. Many countries have been carrying on elaborate studies to determine what modifications they can do in their laws. In December 2001, it was decided that a “Community of Interest on Osteoporosis” would be established in Brussels under the European Parliament. Osteoporosis is a disease which causes calcium and other minerals to disappear from bones, and bones to become more porous and get broken. When osteoporotic, bones can break under normal conditions or in a simple fall. The most important factor which leads to insufficiency in bone quality is old age. Although osteoporosis does not reveal its symptoms often until 60 or above, it is necessary to protect bone health life long. As one’s age advances, fracture risk increases and one’s bones may facture even under normal conditions or in simple falls. Body parts which mostly suffer fractures are backbone, femur and wrist bones. Kyphosis in the backbone increases in osteoporotic people. Height gradually decreases, back pains increase, and mobility is restricted. This adversely influences one’s life quality in terms of physical, psychological and social status and health. Osteoporosis is a preventable and treatable disease. The main method for avoiding it is to form a robust bone structure and prevent losses in later years. Studies reveal the importance of a sufficient and balanced nutrition all along life in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis. It is possible to slow and even stop osteoporosis by wisely adjusting one’s lifestyle. In this context, importance of preventive health services is obvious in terms of osteoporosis. Like in many other situations, precautions that could be taken to protect bone health and education form the basis of preventive health services. Target group of our project are students attending to the Nursing departments of Vocational and Technical Anatolian High Schools who can work and intern in both hospitals and nursing homes and also with family physicians and treat osteoporotic patients. Trainings on the care of the steadily increasing elderly population are an important part of their education. Such educations which are provided within the bounds of possibility are insufficient in catching up with the continuously changing and developing opportunities, and this causes the quality of the provided care to become insufficient. This applies to osteoporosis as well as many other diseases. In this context, it is necessary to revise the curricular information on osteoporosis provided to our schools and update them to the standards of the EU. It is also necessary to see in situ new implementations and new approaches in the EU countries with a high rate of elderly population, and to transfer new treatment, prevention and care techniques to our country. Provision of a care service in the European Quality Standards is going to be ensured through internship in the hospitals of our partner institutions, and the information and skills to be obtained on osteoporosis, which is a significant health problem. Our targets which we intend to reach through our project: 1. Updating the professional information on osteoporosis; 2. Ensuring that the health personnel who are graduated from a vocational health school become ready for the sector; 3. Ensuring that the participators are able to work in fields which relate to the certificates they receive; 4. Developing foreign language skills; 5. Ensuring that a common culture is formed with the EU; 6. Developing international partnerships; and 7. Contributing to the social health and welfare by decreasing the development of osteoporosis and the problems it brings. Our project that we propose includes a total of 45 participants from Şalpazarı Ayten Yılmaz Technical and Vocational High School, Şehit Besim Kazar Technical and Vocational High School, and Farabi Technical and Vocational High School. Italy, Spain and the Netherlands, to which “prevention, treatment and care training program and updating activities” in osteoporosis visits are going to be made, have been preferred as our foreign partners. 15 days of training each for 15 participants for Spain between 05.03.2016-19.03.2016 (Şalpazarı Ayten Yılmaz T.V.H.S.), 15 participants for Italy between 26.03.2016-09.04.2016 (Şehit Besim Kazar T.V.H.S.), and 15 participants for Austria between 09.04.2016-23.04.2016 5 (Farabi T.V.H.S.), excluding travel time, have been planned. Project period is 12 months.

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