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Osteoarthritis communic. – Osteoarthritis communicator an innovative user training. Artosinformatürer. Nyskapande brukarutbildning

In Europe, people get older and as a result, the public costs for osteoarthritis become extremely high, due to the limited knowledge of this disease and of lack of training in the methods in treatment for physiotherapists. The project aims at professional training (in the basic education) for physiotherapist students. The specific aim of the project is to create new methods and a new educational material through participation of patients. Primary target groups are physiotherapist students, but the project also addresses rheumatism associations and their members in Europe. The final users are qualified physiotherapists (further training in their profession), rheumatic patients (with the diagnosis osteoarthritis), they being osteoarthritis communicators. The project supports innovative methods by creating a social dialogue between patient and health care personnel. The planned activities consist in a vocational training programme and tutorial for training of osteoarthritis communicators, a programme for recruitment of trainers/teachers and of communicators, and study material about osteoarthritis for physiotherapists. Patients will be trained to become communicators. The expected results are: written instructions for the training methods of patients to become communicators, available on the Internet in form of e-manual, study material to be used by physiotherapists in form of an E-Manual on internet and on a CD-Rom. Additional sessions will be held, bringing communicators and physiotherapists together. The written material will be elaborated in English and Swedish and will be disseminated via internet and print copies. The impact of the project will be the improvement in the competence for treatment and other measures (e.g. information, tutoring and more pedagogical efforts for behavioural changes, etc.) for students on professional training. The valorisation strategy foresees an awareness raising programme by seminars, workshops, meetings, fairs, brochures, newsletter, website and the dissemination via the partners` networks and European professional associations .
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