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Osijek- grad dobrih poruka!
Start date: Feb 6, 2012,

Osijek – bonny messages city! is a youth initiative with the purpose of gathering positive, personal and inspirational messages through social networks and Internet, but through educational creative workshops in CSO and public institutions as well. Messages were thought out by citizens of Osijek (ages from 3 till 93 and more). In big voluntary action of Millennials (youth born between 1980 and 1995) messages were written (as mini grafitti by using matrix) on the walls, underpasses, garbage cans… The whole initiative was the result of thinking about how to make the City of Osijek warmer and nicer place to live.Goals of the project are: to motivate youth in taking the role of active citizens through leading creative workshops of creating messages and writing messages on the places in city; to raise recognition of Osijek on national level as 1st city that has the initiative for goodwill of its citizens; and inclusion of marginalized youth (in social care institutions, disabled and minorities) through workshops held in organizations working with them. Project was conducted from February till August 2012. In this project we empowered youth in informal learning, promoting creativity and entrepreneurial thinking.

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