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ORION - Virtual Learning Environment in Environmental Science, with on-line re-useable Interactive Modules for remote users in Marine Pollution and ecology with self-learning language package in four languages

The major goal of ORION is the development of a powerful, state-of-the-art ICT learning tool, to be used within a Virtual Learning Environment in the Marine Environment sector.In certain remote areas of Europe, applied marine sciences play a major economic role (fisheries and aquaculture), and as such, ongoing formal education and training is needed at all levels. However, remote areas are nearly always de-populated areas, where low numbers cannot justify the need for specialised courses. The ICT approach to learning, adopted by ORION, now seeks to challenge this.The project will adopt a three-pronged approach concentrating on: Content Provision (modules will be produced on marine pollution, marine ecology, bio-diversity and the marine environment, aimed at a variety of levels of target user), Language Modules (basic language modules are to be developed in PT, EL & SV) and the Production of a Language Glossary (providing an on-line Marine Environmental Glossary in four languages).The course materials and the self-instructional language modules will be available via a central project website, further mirror-sites will be established in the partner countries to ensure ease of technological access for users. The project website will act both as a Virtual Learning Environment and as an information & communication platform for project partners and users.The actual materials developed will feature as 're-useable learning objects' able to be adapted for use by a specific target student/learner groups, this is particularly valuable in the 'Language for Specific Purposes' modules where teachers/trainers will be able to insert new exercises according to users diagnosed needs.A variety of approaches will be adopted to promote the activities and results of the project to include an internet discussion forum, presentations & workshops and annual input to relevant seminar/conference events in ICT learning (i.e. Educa Online).
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