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Orientation sexuelle, démocratie et cohésion sociale en Europe
Start date: May 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since its foundation (1948), Jeunesse et Reconstruction is profoundly committed in social actions fostering active citizenship and participation, intercultural dialogue, defence of the fundamental rights. It is also strongly engaged in fighting against all forms of discriminations. In fact, the project "Sexual Orientation, Democracy and Social Cohesion in Europe" spring out from our willing to fight against different forms of discrimination and the lack of respect of rights to which LGBT people are victim in our Continent. This Seminar will be an open space for: REFLECTING on the relationship between society and individuals considered as different and who have difficulties to reveal and live freely their own sexuality UNDERSTANDING and SHARING personal pains and social constraints that often condemn individuals considered as different to exclusion and denial LISTENING and PUTTING in COMMON personal life stories and experiences allowing participants to learn from each other. To promote exchange of good practices in order to raise the level of awareness with regard to the multiplier role that everyone can and must take in its own living context trying to find an ANSWER to an essential question: “in which Europe we want to live?” In real fact, it is not only matter of sexual orientation and rights of persons LGBT, more generally, it is question of how we would like to shape Europe’s present and future and on which values we want to build it up This seminar is also an invitation to reflect on: - the actions to put in practice in order to react against the lack of a common juridical, legislative and Institutional framework regarding the rights’ defence of persons LGBT in Europe - the best way to integrate the notion of sexual orientation in our educational systems. Consequently, to think how to integrate different methods in the formal/traditional education in EU countries in order to bridge the lack of an adequate sexual education and pedagogical practices regarding equality/diversity and sexual orientation - what it would be suitable to do to establish a universal “culture of tolerance and respect” about the so called “sexual diversity” (freedom sexuality’s expression of each) - active and inclusive policies: how to engage and motivate different social actors and how to joint strengths of different Institutions and sectors of the civil society to fight against sexual discrimination - what are the values and the principles of today and tomorrow, common to European countries? - what role do young people, to sexual discrimination? How to prevent it thanks to educational actions? - how to spread values like respect for diversity and tolerance among new generations using proactive methods - diversity in EU: to take stock of the status and conditions of LGBT persons in Europe and, more particularly, the respect of their rights - to explore and deepen the relationship between identity and sexuality (perception of my self/the gaze of others on me) in the “construction” of personality - Personal Motivation/Engagement and Multiplying role: to understand better which are the best ways to increase motivation among young people and how to encourage them to take a multiplier role inside their own association and/or social context - European Dimension: to encourage intercultural exchange among young people and foster openness towards the experiences matured in other countries as a source of inspiration and mutual learning.
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