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„Organizuok. Pasitelk. Augink“
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project under the title „Organize. Invite. Grow“ purposefully and consistently reflect the vision, mission and philosophy that was formed in the strategic plan of our school for the period of 2013- 2015. It is also based on the context of the world and European dimension in education. According to this we are going to achieve three main objectives. First of them is connected with the perspective of the institution and reflects the first word of the title „Organize“, the second objective is connected with the perspective of support „Invite“, and the third - with the perspective of studying and learning „Grow“. So, the main needs of organization are connected with the realization of the strategy of our institution also with the specifically identified professional development of school education stuff. These objectives are: 1. The improvement of professional competences( the professional development) paying the main attention to: 1.1. Using of ICT in the educational process; 1.2. Using of innovative methods in teaching; 1.3. Working with the children of special needs (gifted, hyper active etc.) 2. The development of the general competences, paying the main attention to: 2.1. Communication and information management; 2.2. Collaborration and cooperation; 2.3. The development of the institution and change management. The main aims of the project: - To help the school education stuff to gain professional competences especially in use of ICT, in creating of the educational enviroment, in the development of subject content and in management of the learning process. - To create more modern, more dynamic, more responsible environment at school integrating the good practices. - Strategically plan the professional development of the school education stuff according to the aims of institution and personal needs. In the realization of this project 9 members of the school education stuff will improve their professional and managerial competences: - 3 of them - using of ICT in the educational process; - 3 - using of the innovative methods in the classroom, pedagogy and didactics; - 3 - studying the management of human recourses, creating of the favorable microclimate in the institution, in order to assure the institution quality . The realization of these mobilities let us implement the aims and objectives of our institution such as: - from the institutional perspective - to improve the teaching and learning process, ensure the effectiveness of education, give better opportunities to recognize gifted children, improve the work with children with special needs. - from the perspective of support - to improves the educational areas, let teachers use more effective training tools in educational process; - from the perspective of learning - to make the institution open and safe for teachers and students and create the favorable microclimate. Project management team consists of 3 people: the principle of the institution, the coordinator of the project and the accountant of the institution. Everyone has the experience in the international project management. We hope that the project: 1. Will improve the competences of teaching and learning and learning to learn as well; 2. Will implement the aims of the strategic plan of the institution more effectively; 3. Will promote the quality of education, innovations, intercultural communication between institutions; 4. Will serve as the basis for further development of the school in creation of the partnership among foreign institutions and exchange good practices.

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