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Organik Beslenme İle Daha Sağlıklıyız
Start date: Sep 1, 2014, End date: Sep 1, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The Project was prepared for the purpose of the health and peace field and youth mobility which is in Erasmus+ programme guide.42 participants from 5 countries joined in the mobility.6 Romanian,5Polish , 7 Georgian , 7 Croatian and 17 Turkish participants participated in the Project.The Project consisted of 3 main headlines: 1. You will be healthier through Organic Nutrition 2. The Organic Nutrition Project helped to bring down the prejudices through Youth Mobility 3. Important steps were taken in European Citizenship The sub targets serving these 3 main headlines: - Organic nutrition sources were presented to the groups who came to our country - Through information sharing the organic nutrition sources were gained in their countries and got ideas about developing ways - A sensitivity on healthy nutrition was created and the harmful effects of substances were realised - Providing the participants from other countries with having experiences of our culture and history - The knowing of the countries they didnt know because of economical and geographical reasons , gaining different experiences and having different friendships were provided About the profiles of the participants , we saw high school students and even lawyers.As we stated detailed below different age groups came together fort his Project.The common feature of all of them was their eagerness on introducing European Union .All of the participants acted in a kind way through the Project.The mobility was completed without any discussions or problems. There were educational,socail and cultural activities in the Project.the educational activities lasted for 18 hours in 3 days.These activities were held in the meeting hall of Public Library.Each partner described the situation in their countries through presentation.Besides the introduction of the countries contributed to the Project,too.The opening and closing meetings were also done with the protocol.The protocol with the leading of The District Governor conveyed their best wishes officially to the participants. The social activities can be stated as the brochure distribution as outdoor activities ,the greenhouse and the TATUTA farm known as Bayrak farm visits.These 2 main activities served for the Project directly and very beneficial for organic nutrition. Finally , Gümüshaciköy, Merzifon and Amasya tours were the cultural activities.In these tours ,Turkish culture and history were presented.The prejudices were brought down through these activities. If we consider the results of the Project: The Project pointed to the importance of proper nutrition sources to live a healhty life.The importance of a product scale freed from chemical substances was observed.Moreover , a nutrition way more of protein and vitamin and far from carbohydra than conveience food was presented.The Project also served for having a social workshop and the town was introduced to other countries.About 150 people joined to the activitiesdirectly.About 1000 people joined to the(including brochure distribution ) outdoor activities.We have mainly reached to a more amount of people through dissemination . For long-term the results are: 1. These 5 countries decided to join in working in other projects. 2. There became friendships from 5 countries including our participants. 3. The prejudices were brought down and the friendships from 5 countries were built 4. The motivation was seen to have bigger Projects with the energy of young people.
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