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Oresund Logistics-The Nordic Main Gate

The purpose of the project, Oresund Logistics, is to create a network organisation for Danish and Swedish actors within logistics in the Oresund region, built on close relations in universities, industries and governments. The vision is that the Region can be one of the three most important hubs in Europe, both in a physical and in an academic sense. Furthermore, the vision is that the logistic and transport processes should be among the most effective and environmentally sustainable in the world.Oresund Logistics can provide additional value for all of the different types of operators connected to the network. The network includes representatives from infrastructure owners, logistic providers, manufacturing companies, local, regional and central government, consultants and universities. In order to promote logistics, Øresund Logistics should build up a secretariat, publish newsletters, organise seminars, conferences and workshops, develop new areas of cooperation and facilitate knowledge transfer. In addition to this, Øresund Logistics functions as a Knowledge Hub in the region.
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