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Ordu'nun Üreticisi, Kadının Girişimcisi - Entrepreneur Women, Producer Ordu
Start date: Feb 5, 2015, End date: Nov 5, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

According to the researches within the context of United Nations Global Entrepreneurship Monitoring Program, entrepreneurship rate in the world is % 31, while in Europe it is % 23, this rate in Turkey is much lower and it is % 4.6. When it is viewed the number of people who set up companies within 100 adults whom are used in international entrepreneurship index, Turkey has fewer entrepreneurs than 29 countries. Women make up just only % 0.15 of the entrepreneurs in Turkey, men make up 29 times of them. This situation in the Army is that entrepreneurship is % 6.4; women's entrepreneurship makes up % 2 of that rate. Obstacles based on gender, community's traditional patriarchal structure, belief and its pressure, sexual and emotional abuse, stereotyped judgments, the social problems are among the data that have been gathered following the searches. Women's are not only detained from being entrepreneurs, but also being hampered to participate in labor force by some means or other, being held responsible for children and the elder they are obstructed from getting rid of traditional gender roles. To make the importance of women's entrepreneurial freedom in country's economic progress and development discernible, and to encourage new projects to be carried out, to determine any obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs, to provide the obstacles to be removed, to provide men to support women's entrepreneurship, to provide successful women entrepreneurs to be guide to other women in the region, to help young people overcome the prejudices by familiarizing the cultures of other countries, to contribute intercultural mixture, by providing information about Erasmus+ to make contribution to the vision of those young people who have limited means, to provide the opportunity of creating employment to those young people and women entrepreneurs in Ordu which is one of the most prominent youth emigrant provinces, and to enhance the production potential of the city are among the basic goals of our project. Our project will be carried out with 40 young people in partnership of 4 countries in Ordu. As well as experienced young people whom will participate in the project, those young people have been incorporated into it whom have not carried out a study in youth field, whom are suffering from economical, social, and educational challenges and whom have retired into their own shells in such circumstances. The most important needs for these young people are those of discover themselves, the improvement of their self assurance, raising of awareness of their existence and society in which they live, providing for a new vision. It is anticipated that the youth will gain tendency to team work, the competence of self-expression, creativity, innovative thinking, productivity, independence, forethought, developing empathy, tolerance in establishing dialog skills together with creative workshops, brainstorming and outdoor activities in which we implement with common training techniques. The entrepreneurs will learn the steps to be followed in this process, the measures to be taken, the ability to take risk, and the ability to generate solutions to potential problems by experiencing entrepreneurship experiences one-to-one. Together with the advance of women's entrepreneurship in Ordu, creation of more employment areas will be provided for the youth and women, by over viewing the status of women in society a major step will have been taken to remove traditional gender discrimination, averting of the youth emigration in Ordu will be made possible, production will increase and the city will prosper.
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