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ORA: sharing skills for better teamwork in project design
Start date: Aug 1, 2014, End date: Nov 30, 2014 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project was a seminar with the goals to share skill of youth centres, youth workers from it and environmental NGOs in order to create common projects to promote sustainable living in Europe and to raise the awareness of young people in this topic. For better functioning and better effectiveness participants was separated in 3 different working groups: project design – which had on a practical way created a common projects which had combined the skills of youth centres and environmental NGOs; fundraising – which had analyzed and had shown several founding opportunities on European and national level with the goal to help each other and to find adequate donator for financing project under this seminar framework; project communication – which had exchanged experiences of how to use different media in project context and to make it more successful and visible to the target audiences. Target audience/participants of this seminar were coming from various backgrounds. It had gathered youth workers from youth centres and environmental NGOs what had helped them to create one new approach which youth workers are able to use farther in work and what is one of intellectual outcomes of this project. This project is as other projects we are implementing planed, implemented and reported by wide cooperation with all project partners. We are taking care that each partner organization representative is involved in all segments of project and that transparency amount all of us in on high level. That is one of the reason why all administration which we are doing and that all documents we are preparing and providing to stakeholders and donators are on English language so each partner is fully aware of it content. That is one of the reasons why we have active partnerships and cooperation with some project partners for period longer than 10 years. This project idea was born and created by youth workers who are motivated for learning and developing methodologies for work and to create new projects on European as well as on national level. We were planning to use created framework/intellectual outcome of this project in other projects and to work on it farther development through other projects planned and implemented after this one. By bringing people from different parts of Europe we had created excellent working space on project to share situations of their own countries and realities as well as to learn from each other. One of idea of this seminar was to create space for learning, space for sharing experiences and ideas as well as to contribute in development of each participant’s youth workers competences. To maximise effects of this, we had choose to use non formal methodology as an excellent way for interactive learning. Seminar had involved 25 participants who were coming from Germany, Serbia, Italy, Bosnia and Herzegovina Romania, Bulgaria, and United Kingdom. For seminar venue and in previous consultations with all partners we had choose village named Oybin in south-east region of Germany. This region is area of extraordinary beauty and it is also border region between Germany, Poland and Czech Republic. It was implemented from 19/09/2014 till 25/09/2014 and it was also first seminar in the framework of ORA.
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