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Optimizing and profiting best practices in the MED Area on foreign trade, intermodal, transport and maritime safety (OPTIMIZEMED)

Some projects have developed good practices, pilot actions and tools with similar objectives but at the end of the project, all of them disappear into obscurity. The idea is to join the skills of these different outputs by thematic trying to enrich the capitalization of the result, involving the different agents that have to profit it: - IMPROVING THE SUPPLY CHAIN BY USING INNOVATIVE IT TOOLS. Promoting the intermodality in the logistics and transport chain to reduce external costs is one of the main axes of European policy related to transport. A lot of projects of Med and similar programs have been developed in this field as BACKGROUNDS, TRANSit - INCREASING ECONOMIC & PORT ACTIVITIES STATE AND PROSPECTIVE KNWOLEDGE. The European Commission have stated a particular challenge for a better application of an European port policy, focused on current practice in collecting and interpreting ports data, restricting the ability to monitor the evolution, developments and needs of the EU port system. In this context, under the Med Programme, several projects have produced tools, databases and sets of indicators addressing the mentioned categories (TERCONMED, SECURMED, MEMO) - OPTIMIZING MARITIME RISK PREVENTION & SAFETY TOOLS. Maritime risk prevention and maritime safety is a priority at European level, having been included in most of European programs, and even having been the subject of a call for strategic projects in the MED program (SECURMED PLUS, MEMO, LOSAMEDCHEM). Among the results of the project will be a platform allowing direct access to all of them and a campaign of capitalization close the European Institutions, territorial stakeholders, economic actors, transport companies and other potential users. In order to do this efficiently is important to include some partners that have participated in the development of these tools, other that can manage the capitalization of the resulting outputs and some others that have the experience implementing them. Achievements: OPTIMIZEMED HANDBOOK! In the section PROJECT – WP2 it is now possible to download the OPTIMIZEMED Handbook! ( main objective is the awareness raising at European and National level of good practices about the exchange of information between institutions and economic operators in the MED areas. In addition, in the second part of the Handbook, you can find the multilanguage Guidelines of OPTIMIZEMED e-platform!
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  • 2007 - 2013 Programme MED
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