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OPTimising the Inclusive Classroom

In an inclusive community, one of the key elements for achieving success for all learners is for careful consideration to be given to the design of the learning environment. This is of particular importance to school-age learners with a visual impairment when 80% of learning is through the visual channel. Most educational environments do not reflect results of research involving adaptations suitable for those with a disability. However, better classroom conditions created for those with additional needs can have a positive impact on the learning process and performance of all young learners. This project aims to identify the needs of this group of school-aged learners with a visual impairment and specify adaptations which can be made to create a better learning environment for this group. The project will then outline how these adaptations can improve the learning outcomes of all. Through the use of data collection based on, literature review, questionnaires, case studies and reports of good practice, the project will show how educational environments adapted for learners with a visual impairment can be beneficial for all school-aged learners. The project outcomes through web-based and literature dissemination will contribute to an improved and inclusive approach to classroom design for all.

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