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Oppivan yhteisön kehittäminen kansainvälistymisen ja täydennyskoulutuksen avulla
Start date: 01 Aug 2016, End date: 31 Jul 2018 PROJECT  FINISHED 

BackgroundWe have been privileged to host many foreign visitors at our school (from Hungary and Czech Republic), so we have a lot of invitations waiting to conduct (to Hungary, Czech Republic and Denmark). With this mobility project we can respond to these invitations and send many members of our staff to Europe in order to learn more about education and culture of each country and school.Objectives of our projectWe are facing new and demanding challenges when educating our children in rapidly changing world, and especially when implementing our new curriculum. We are updating our staff´s professional learning programme and this mobility project will play a big motivational role to our people to learn to sustain development and change. In the end of this project we have a desire to start a new project in which also our pupils could participate.Number and profile of participantsWe are a comprehensive school catering classes from 1 to 9. All our teachers are qualified teachers with an university degree. Sending primary and secondary level teachers together abroad will help them to learn more about each other and the teaching and learning style of different levels in new a environment. All participants are ready to communicate in English. We are prepared to send 12 people abroad twice in two year´s time frame.Description of activitiesWe have chosen two main activities, job shadowing and structured courses/training events. It is important that both of these activities are available for participants to choose. Job shadowing is a good way to learn more about how the schools are running their ordinary days in school life and training events give more academic way to internationalise oneself with more foreign contacts. We hope to gain new information and knowledge how to develope our own teacher training and the operational culture of our school. The travel targets will be firstly our contact schools and training events, but we would like to find one more object to visit.Methodology to be used in carrying out the projectThe key word with planning is participation that leads to ownership. It is important to get everybody active with this project from the beginning, as I have already tried to do when introducing this mobility programme to our staff. Co-operation, sharing knowledge and personal study plans will help to achieve the goals agreed together. It is also important to make the receiving school aware of its important role in our project. Finally, it is important to share the joy of learning that will cultivate the school alive in a fresh way. We do not forget the dissemination and follow-up.Expected results and long term benefits1.We hope to have achieved to be a part of the network of European schools to work with in future. We would like to see new personal friendships arise with our partners.2.Our school´s operational culture has been reshaped to be more like a learning organisation. That means new working skills, personal development plans and willingness to take part in the development and well being of the whole school.3. New pedagogical ideas and willingness to try to implement new learning experiments in classrooms can be seen at school.4. We are ready to take the next step toward KA2 -programme.5. We understand more about how to live and co-operate in a multicultural Europe with respecting attitude towards others. It would be also important see us to take more active role when developing learning and caring Europe together with our new European friends.
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