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Oppimisen Kokemuksia - Sinisiä Ajatuksia
Start date: 01 Aug 2014, End date: 31 Jul 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This application is a part of certified mobility project Oppimisen Kokemuksia – Sinisiä ajatuksia (OKSA) that began in 2010. It implements the internationalization strategy of Kainuu Vocational College. Its strategic aim is that students and staff are able to act in multi-cultural and international environment. Another aim is that staff members actively develop internationalization of their own sector. The concrete aims of the strategy is that at least 50 students each year will have a mobility period abroad and at least ten staff members will get experiences of working abroad. The project meets well the objectives of Erasmus+: - it improves the knowledge and skills needed in working life especially through mobility and increasing cooperation between education and working life - it will encourage to improve the quality of education, new innovations and internationalization - it will internationalize the education by increasing cooperation with non-EU countries The aims of the project are: Professional development: The project offers possibilities for students and teachers to work in environments which are different from the environment they are used to work. They learn to adapt what they have learnt in new working environment. They learn working methods which are not able to be learnt at school. The learning outcomes of each student will be written in his or her Learning Agreement. Learning outcomes are assessed after the mobility according to the criteria of receiving partner or if that is not possible according to the criteria of Kainuu Vocational College. Assessed learning outcomes will be validated and recognized as a part of the Student’s studies. Personal development Language and cultural skills, key competences of lifelong learning and skills to manage in everyday life abroad will develop through informal learning. The development of these skills is as important as vocational skills and they also will be assessed, validated and recognized. Multi-culture and interaction between different cultures The participants will learn to act in multi-cultural environments. The students will see working life in different culture and they learn how it is to live as a foreigner or immigrant in another country. There will 44 students and 9 staff members participating in the project. They are from different vocational programmes and units of the school. Receiving partners are 19 vocational schools, intermediary organizations or companies from nine EU countries and Iceland and Turkey. The actions of the project are studying or working life periods for students and teachers either in partner schools or companies. The essential stages of the project are: - to spread information of the project to international coordinators of the school - to finalize the mobility plan together with international coordinators - to inform the potential participants - to write the agreements and describe the learning outcomes - training of participants for mobilities - implementation of mobilities - assessment of learning outcomes, validation and recognition - evaluation of the project - reporting of the project and administration according to the rules The result of the project is the vocational and personal development of participants which are assessed, validated and recognized.
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