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Opinion publique, mass médias et intégration européenne
Start date: 01 Sep 2014, End date: 31 Aug 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

This project aims to provide students with the opportunity to deepen their knowledge on the relationship between public opinion, the media and European integration. The course will be structured in two modules. In the first module, students will analyze the historical evolution of attitudes of public opinion on European policy issues and the reasons for this development. The second module will focus on analyzing the contents of the "European discourse" and the image of the EEC / EU presented by the national media (newspapers, television, websites) and the Community (through its information policy). Particular attention will be paid to the analysis of "misrepresentation" (i.e: the identification between the Euro and the EU; the EU as a threat to the well-being of Europeans; the EU as an entity only bureaucratic) that spread a distorted image of the EU, its institutions and its policies. Teaching activities will be based on the lectures, the seminars and the organization of round tables. The seminars provide for the participation (among others) of journalists who will explain to students what are the empirical and normative rules they use in the selection of European issues they bring to the public's attention. The seminars will also include the participation of officials from EU institutions that will explain the methods and objectives of the EU information policy. Also scholars and experts in European Studies will participate in the seminars envisaged by the project. Roundtables include the participation of MEPs and national MPs dealing with European issues. They will explain to students how the activity of EU institutions can be influenced by the attitude of public opinion. They will also explain what they "expect" from the citizens in terms of their participation and in terms of citizen involvement in European issues.
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