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Õpime koos - külalislahke linnakogukond õppimas ja õpetamas
Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Background and context of the overall project: The project is important for community, for organization and also for the volunteer. The volunteer can implement his ideas, based on the competences and opportunities of the organization. The project helps the members of the organization to learn and use the knowledge from the volunteer in their own work. The members will give contribution to the development of the volunteer. It is for sure that the initiative and willing of the volunteer will enrich the internal culture of the organization through new activities and events. Involvement of foreign volunteers help to decrease empathy and self-expression, to practise and develop language skills. New ideas and perspectives contribute the development of new activities, solutions and new methodologies. The project is important for the community because it gives the local people change to widen their knowledge, to learn and get new experiences through contact with other cultures. The volunteer can make the community´s life better and create various recreational activities in different organizations. These activities can be related to sport, culture, youth work, environment and education. The volunteer can help to develop the entire culture of the city. Number of participants: 1 In the European Volunteer Service project there will participate non-working and non-studying 18-20 years old youngster who wants to develop himself and he is interested in finding new perspectives. Possibly he may have a few working experience and low level of education. The youth has less opportunities because of geographical, social and economical obstacles. The few opportunities inhibit him to start working and to deal with his hobbies. Description of activities: There will take place pre-departure meeting with partner organizations in Pärnu where we show to the partner the whole voluntary service, including accommodation, food and transport. After the volunteer has reached Pärnu, there will be a motivation seminar. I - Event Management: event-related communication, project management and marketing. Options: Jaansoni Kahe Silla Jooks ja Retk (1 to 2 September 2015), Entrepreneurship Week (early October 2015), Good Citizen week (the last week of November 2015), Raeküla Educational Anniversery 103 (22 March 2016), Japan's Week / Culture Week (Spring 2016), International Hansa Days (early June 2016), organizing the Midsummer festival of Raeküla Society (1st to June 25, 2016) etc. II - English and mother tongue classes, group works, games, developing creativity through singing, dancing, playing musical instruments, making plays in the theatre etc. It is possible to organize concerts and other every year events (Lauluaias, Christmas concerts, Family days etc.) during the whole season (from september to september) in the Raeküla Old School Center. III – geting to know Pärnu history and culture and making guided tours in the city, sharing information in the local tourism infocenter, present his own culture in the schools and kindergartens. Organizing movie evenings to show the movies from volunteer´s home country; to create Raeküla Movie club, that purpose is to perpetuate lifestyle of Raeküla in the 21st century and making different feature films and documentaries. To create a culture and history club in the schools and kindergartens of Pärnu city and Pärnumaa county. It is possible to organize concerts and other every year events (Lauluaias, Christmas concerts, Family days etc.) during the whole season (from september to september) in the Raeküla Old School Center. IV – organizing events for the youth, developing a fitness center and making other technical activities in the youth center in the Raeküla Old School Center. Besides these activities the volunteer can help to organize concerts and other every year events (Lauluaias, Christmas converts, Family days etc.) in the Raeküla Old School Center during the whole season (from september to september). The volunteer has opportunity to combine the most suitable option between these options. The project methodology: the contract of the European Volunteer Service will be made with the volunteer and with partner organization. The results and expected effect: the expected effect in the local and regional level should be initiating and developing different events; to increase the knowledge of citizens in Pärnu and Pärnumaa about other cultures. In the international level can be cooperation between organizations from Estonia and Netherlands to make projects and long-term cooperation. One of the benefits can be many new contacts. Potential benefit in the longer perspective: initiation of further projects and activities.
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