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Õpilase individuaalsuse märkamine ning arendamine õppe-ja kasvatustöös
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project´s „The Perception and Development of Student´s Individuality in Education“ aim is to develop Vääna Manor School and the school network of Harku parish in order to provide education where every child´s special needs and peculiarities are considered in teaching process. Education in Vääna Manor School is based on values and also seeks innovative solutions. There are 201 children in our school and kindergarten who have individual abilities, needs and interests. Our school has an important role in the community and we are in the process of becoming interest center with different educational and cultural programs for children and adults. In today´s society there are more and more children with special educational needs (talent, learning disabilities, behavioral and emotional difficulties, health problems, cultural and social background etc). Therefore schools must provide more individual approach in studies and educational activities in order to consider students´ developmental potential. According to Vääna Manor School´s development plan our priority for this academic year is „Notice, care, take care“. We pay attention to prevention, early perception, active solution-based approach. We develop our learning environment, use new methods and co-operate with support network. We have prepared the project „The Perception and Development of Student´s Individuality in Education“ in order to follow the needs of society and to take care of children´s peculiarities. The project enables teachers, support specialists and management to participate in International trainings to increase their knowledge and abilities that help to notice different disorders and special needs, use strategies and methods to support children, prepare lessons and guide job management at school. The main emphasis is on practical activities and methods that teachers can use according to their own students. The international experience help teachers to build confidence, interact and co-operate with other European teachers, gives new knowledge and abilities and forms new values. 18 teachers of Vääna Manor School take part in the project. They are motivated to develop and have chosen 13 trainings according to the priorities of our school and project. Teachers have previous contacts with the topic of the project (for example some of the teachers have prepared individual curriculum). Trainings are important to gain mutual, modern and more comprehensive knowledge and abilities. The project consists trainings, previous and post activities including homework, discussions in school, open lessons for other teachers, sharing the knowledge with colleagues and other specialists in Harku parish and Harjumaa county. This helps to use and spread the new information more widely. The head of project is the director of school who has broad knowledge and experiences regarding different trainings and projects. The director supports teachers in the process of the project and follows the successful operation of the project. Travel agency GoTravel helps to organize all the aspects of traveling. We can measure the results of the project on the basis of our questionnaire of satisfaction for teachers, students and parents, feedback from Harku parish, internal analysis and self-analysis. As a result of the project we consider the individualities of students in educational activities, use versatile and inclusive methods and develop the strengths of students. Students are satisfied, experience success and continue their education. They will become adults with positive self-image who manage to live a successful life. The professional competences of teacher are more developed, they feel confident and share their experience with other specialists. The school, Harku parish and Estonian education system develop. Our school gains values to create professional educational and cultural programs. The community is satisfied with the school and life in the parish becomes more active and attractive.

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