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Opgradering af engelskundervisningen på Fussingø-Egnens Friskole
Start date: 01 Jun 2016, End date: 31 May 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Since August 2014, we have a new school reform in Denmark, which implies teaching English as a foreign language already from the second year in school. With more years of English being taught throughout the schooling period, the level of English offered to the oldest pupils must also be rising. We wish to be at the forefront of this by letting our English teachers undergo further training to perfect their skills and enable them to obtain inspiration, experience and knowledge from colleagues from other countries, who are also teaching English to secondary pupils. At our school we teach two year groups in the same class. As we also work with a two-teacher-system, all planning and carrying through of our education takes place as a cooperation between our two team teachers. Consequently, it is evident that both these teachers participate in the same course, thus enabling them to integrate the newly obtained skills in the teaching situation at home. In order to be able to motivate our pupils in the best possible way and improve the subject knowledge, we wish for our teachers through cooperation with English teachers from abroad to be inspired, challenged and to feel well equipped to teach English in the best possible way. Specifically, we regard it advisable to cooperate across countries to make agreements on f.i. friendship classes /pen pals and to encourage professional discussions among the teachers.Participation in the course by our two teachers will contribute to enhancing the skills and knowledge fields of our pupils, among others as mentioned in the Common Objectives issued by the Danish Ministy of Education: Intercultural contact (understanding characteristics during cultural meetings) and English providing access to the world. Furthermore, we assume that making use of the new teaching activities presented to our teachers during the course, will contribute to making our pupils more motivated during their English classes and thus enable increasing learning abilities in the teaching/learning situation.We wish that our two English teachers who are teaching our oldest pupils (13-15 years of age) attend the course to enable them to achieve the described further education and to upgrade their qualifications. They are both English teachers who have taught at the school for a number of years, however, in order to be able to meet the enhanced requirements of the new school reform, they need to further perfect their skills. After the course they will be able to supplement each other in improving the quality of English teaching at our school - both when it comes to language and method - and to establish intercultural relations with English teachers from abroad. On the whole, participation of our two teachers in this course will strengthen the level of English taught to pupils at our school.From the description of the ETI course: OBJECTIVES- To enable a better understanding of Language Teaching and expand & build on previous knowledge, using a range of practical methodologies- To introduce new areas of teaching methodologies and accompanying techniques, using hands-on experiential methods- To help teachers reflect on their own teaching methods & contexts & develop teaching skills- To introduce an awareness of technology and ICT in the classroom today- To exchange pedagogical information & knowledge in a multi-cultural context- To further develop participants’ own language skills- To experience the cultural heritage of Malta with its bilingual linguistic environmentMETHODOLOGY- Sessions demonstrate current EFL approaches, methodologies & techniques.- An interactive communicative approach is applied, which provides participants with their own experiential learning of the activities & methodologies.- Input sessions are in the form of hands-on workshops and involve brainstorming, analysis, problem-solving, and role-play, both in pair work & group work.- Teachers are asked to reflect on the activities, inviting discussion with regard to their own pedagogical knowledge & skills, teaching methods & contexts, and on adaptation of activities to their teaching & learning situations.- Both teaching & learning are explored, analysed and discussed, further enabling the participants’ use of their communication skills in English.- Participants are actively involved in the sessions to maximize their learning and to experience activities from their learners’ point of view.- Participants are also introduced to key websites related to the further development of their teaching skills & personal professional development
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