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Operational Port Training Models Using Simulators

The OPTIMUS project aims at developing a new approach for the design,performance and evaluation of simulation-based training activities in theport and logistics sector. Many EU ports and logistics facilities are usingdevices that simulate the driving and manoeuvring of goods-handlingvehicles for training activities, but each one is currently adopting differentmethodologies and training paths, without any standardization amongthem. The OPTIMUS project aims at filling the existing gaps among EUports in simulation-based training by developing and experimenting acommon European approach on how-to-apply simulation techniques anddevices for the operational training of port and logistic sector staff,specifically by: a) developing and testing standardized guidelines andmethodologies for designing simulation-based training actions; b)standardizing and implementing performance evaluation procedures anda common system of skills recognizing; c) developing effective webbasedand computer-based learning contents for reaching an optimal useof simulators in operational port training actions. To do so, OPTIMUS hasbeen directed at producing concrete outcomes: 1) Trainers manual“Guidelines and methodologies for Vocational Training in the port sectorusing simulators”; 2) Evaluators manual “Performance evaluation ofsimulation-based systems and training actions”; 3) Web-based e-learningplatform; 4) Web-based and Computer based learning contents, one foreach professional profile involved in port related operations; 5) On-linedistance learning activities and pilot actions; 6) Web portal for exchanginginformation; 7) Dissemination material and conferences. A globalapproach to simulation in port and logistic training sector has never beendeveloped: the OPTIMUS project aims at filling this gap by mixingmethodologies and technologies, fostering innovation and providingconcrete outcomes for a wide variety of final users. OPTIMUS results willoptimize the use of simulators for training, with positive effects both forTraining Providers and for Learners, improving also the development ofHRs and the quality and effectiveness of the services offered by thecompanies operating in this sector.
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