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Operation: Teachers Enhancing & Advancing their Competencies and Horizons for European Union
Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

#OpTEACH4EU is a VET staff mobility proposal involving training for of four VET providers schools, our consortium members, which cover the widest area of Western Athens regarding VET provision and need a turning point to give a boost to their staff educational competencies & intercultural skills, and, thus, their learners employability. The mobility involves 42 teachers of various sectors and specialties delivering VET in two educational levels, Secondary & Post Secondary and teaching a wide range of learners minors and adults, who will attend a one-week practical training in ways to integrate ICT in their teaching life which is aligned with today's education & labour market needs according to the sector's union recommendations and more specifically the implementation of virtual classroom via the collaborative tools of Moodle ( state-of-the-art e-learning platform), in Spain together with other VET teachers of different EU countries. The group will be distributed in 3 flows of 14 participants to facilitate the unhindered schools function and they will receive socio-linguistic and cultural preparation before their arrival in Spain to enhance their intercultural and personal development and be introduced to the new environment. Our project's aims is to enhance our consortium members staff teaching competencies, intercultural skills and adaptability based on today's education and market needs, to help them acquire key competencies in new technology and job-specific skills while strengthening their linguistic and intercultural competencies and complement their educational background with practical experience and technical skills to incorporate any technology in classes. Their teaching upgrading will help them keep abreast of the times and will be reflected to their learners contributing to the creation of a new open-minded and all-inclusive school. The familiarisation of the new age technological skills and competenicies of the participants will be tranferred to their learners, which is of utmost importance according to key market stakeholders. Generally, the west areas of Athens is an area whose inhabitants are characterized by low income and sensitive groups of people. Egaleo and especially our consortium members schools embrace students of low social and financial profile with a view to their re-integration to society with an improved personal and professional profile. It is a multi-cultural mix of students mostly adults with low social background who wish for a second chance in their life which was degraded because of disparate causes. The incorporation of ICT technology in the learners school life will equip them with niche skills which will boost their employability. The project has been divided into work packages which involve the preparatory, the organisational, the managerial, the implementation and the dissemination stages and all partner & consortium members will contribute respectfully. The results we wish to achieve via this mobility is to rekindle VET attractiveness opening new paths towards ICT technology methodology and virtual classroom integration as well as intercultural awareness via mobility in EU. The impact will traverse the educational and the enterprise sector providing solid foundations for future integration of virtual classroom and ICT technology methodology which will benefit not only our school and region but also other countries on a European and international level. The mobility opportunity will also affect locally, regionally, nationally as well as on a European and international level after the dissemination of the training results. In the long term VET will receive the attractiveness, the work opportunities and the openness in EU it deserves.

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