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Opening Windows to European Communities

In this Comenius project we have partners from Finland (two schools), UK, Cyprus, Spain and Norway. There are rural schools as well as town and city schools by a different size. We all see ESD/Education for Sustainability in a wide way, pinpointing the social and cultural factors. It means the participation and local partnerships, connected to the aims of Support project. At the same time it means learning from other European cultures, looking for more similarities than differences. This is precisely the core of our project: Opening the windows and learning form each other. Our plan has two levels: ESD-level and the cultural level. Mediators between the school and the target levels are the people in the community (including families and grandparents) and other networks. Themes for the ESD are: reducing consuming and Co2nnect campaign supported by Support-project. The cultural themes are: crafts, local food/healthy food, stories/narratives/language, music, games, dance, rhymes...The aim of our project is to support understanding, tolerance and equity between different cultures and countries. At the same time the project can increase the appreciation of each one's own culture. It is an effective way to rise positive attitudes among the staff and gives a fruitful way for teachers' in-service-training. It is a possibility for a ' whole school approach'. We agree that we do not have to do exactly the same (joint) activities but find our own ways and share our experiences by a travelling note book. ICT will be a tool: using emails, Skype-contacts with pupils and teachers. Our ideal is to educate for cultural environment, learning about the local environment and community, learning together within the local community, with parents and local people and connecting learning in historical, geographical, social and traditional perspectives. Methods used include working outside the normal school structure.Through these activities we can promote pupils’ ability to solve problems.
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