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"Open your eyes! You need to know! - Mobilizing the community to combat human trafficking"
Start date: Dec 1, 2010,

Every year two million young people worldwide fall prey to human trafficking. An estimated 120.000 girls aged between 15 and 35 coming from former Eastern bloc countries, that is, from Central-, Southeast- and Northeast Europe, leave westwards in search of a better life, fleeing poverty, starvation and social exclusion, 6.000 of whom go through the excruciating distress of being sold into prostitution. Thus, human trafficking has been identified internationally as one of the major issues of concern. The program Open your eyes! You need to know! Mobilizing the community to combat human trafficking aims at raising the awareness of young people in 9 countries (46 participants) on the issue of human trafficking, especially that of young girls and boys as the most vulnerable category, through informing, educating and making them aware, with a view to eliminating human trafficking. The project is expected to motivate young people into assuming an active role in bringing about changes in their own respective areas of residence, and to encourage them to creative action with an eye to putting an end to human trafficking. Our plan is to bring into one place, in Vrnja ka Banja, in Serbia, young people from 9 countries so as to arrange a performance simulating human trafficking and organ theft, as well as all forms of exploitation (forced labour, sex trafficking, trafficking for use in begging, etc.). The performance itself is to take place at the public market, the town square and school, so that there may occur an interaction with the local young, the program thus gaining added importance. All activities are to receive media coverage. Project duration is from 1st December 2010 to 31sl March 2011.

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