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Start date: Jun 1, 2015, End date: May 31, 2017 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Secondary Professional Polytechnic School in Lipt. Mikulas is a specialised school, which in call of 2015 decided to implement a mobility project for 40 students from the following study programs: Horse breeding and Horsemanship, Food Entrepreneurship, Mechanic – Electrician, Machinery Mechanic, Mechanic - Repairman. The project will take place in two rounds. Then educational outcome of the project for the students specialising in ‘Horse breeding and Horsemanship’ is to acquire skills and competencies in their area of study, namely, the students become able to perform professional services of cleaning, feeding and care of horses. They should learn to assist with professional activities such as horseshoeing, helping with services in agro tourism; they should be able to assist in horse riding lessons for others, and with marking horses. The expected outcome for students of Food entrepreneurship is to gain new knowledge, skills and competencies in the area of production of bakery or meat products, the students should become able to select correct ingredients and methods for production of different bakery and meat products. They should be able to use correct formulas as well as create new innovative recipes and methods of production of different bakery and meat products. The educational outcome of the project for students of the study course ‘Mechanic – Electrician’ is to acquire and test knowledge, skills and competencies in this study program. Students become experts in safety at work with electrical appliances, they know different materials, their properties and use in electrical engineering and are able to solve the electrical and electronic circuits independently, they should know how to repair individual parts of machines, their appliances and systems and they should know and are able to use basic measurement techniques, measurement principles and methods and their evaluation. The educational outcome of the study program ‘Machinery and Tool Mechanic’ is to master work with hand tools. Students learn how to handle simple repairs of machines and tools, are able to get the machines and tools ready for work, make the adequate settings and try them out. They should be able to fix simple problems on agricultural machines and motor vehicles. The educational outcome of the students of the study program ‘Mechanic - Repairman’ is understanding of technical documentation, students become able to distinguish seeds and plants of local agricultural crops, to perform basic maintenance of the machines using the manual, they learn how to operate wheeled tractor and do simple repairs on agricultural machinery and to keep primary records about the work execution. In terms of language and intercultural skills the students should gain sufficient vocabulary and ability to use the foreign language for the purposes of common understanding and general communication. The internship will take place in the periphery of Chateauroux in France in two rounds. The first round will take place from 20/09/2015 until 10/10/2015 and will consist of 10 students from the study program ‘Horse breeding and Horsemanship’, 5 students from the study group ‘Food Entrepreneurship’‚ 3 students from the study group ‘Mechanic -Repairman’ and 2 students from the study program ‘Mechanic – Electrician’. Second round will take place from 20/06/2016 until 10/07/2016 with the following students: 10 students from the study program ‘Horse breeding"’, 5 students from the study group ‘Food Entrepreneurship’, 3 students from the study group ‘Mechanic - Repairman’ and 2 students from the study group ‘Machinery and Tool Mechanic ’. In the preparation stage all the students have to participate in the language courses, namely basics of French language and additional English language classes. Participants also have to take part in cultural introduction in order to get familiar with the country. They will also take part in professional preparation according to the working position they were chosen for so that they get the best and most specific knowledge and skills for this work and that they precisely understand the desired outcome of this project. In the preparation stage the internship contracts will be signed with the students. They will be provided with travel tickets, they will be provided with accommodation during the internship as well as during the weekends, food and insurance. Implementation stage lasts 23 days, during which the students will take part in the internship during the working days in order to reach the set goals and educational outcomes. During the weekends they will be travelling around the country getting to know the beauties it has to offer. They will be accompanied by profesa teacher of foreign languages. They will check, if students meet desired outcomes. In the evaluation phase teachers evaluate project with help of ECVET. Project will be presented at school webpage, local newspaper, professional magazine and at Mayer of our town.

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