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Open the doors to Europe

Comenius Project: “Open the doors to Europe”10 schools are involved in the project: Austria, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Italy, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey.1. Documentation research: Photos - pictures Design - Drawings - dictionary – History and styles research2. First partner meeting (December 2008 in Valencia, Spain)3. Work in each school according to the specialisation: drawings, plans, models, movies, music, … - It will be part of the curriculum of the pupils in each country.4. Second meeting (may 2009 in Wien, Austria)5. Continuing work in each school according to the specialization: drawings, plans, models, movies, music…6. Third meeting (January 2010 Tarnobrzeg, Poland)7. Edition, publication, illustrated book manufacturing, CD and DVD, Web site, exhibitions in schools and public places, manufacturing of wooden boxes containing a book of common documentation about the whole project. 8. Final meeting (may 2010 Prague, Czech Republic)Evaluation and dissemination of the results of the project. The project ‘’Open the doors to Europe’’ could contribute to reduce prejudices of some pupils against people that they never met and countries where they have never been, at the critical ages (15-19). We focuse on the meaning of doors of the districts (surroundings) we live, but also in the figurative sense (doors in minds …) and it will be one of the main tasks for every partner, to transfer their researches from theoretical to practical work.

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