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Start date: Aug 1, 2015, End date: Oct 31, 2015 PROJECT  FINISHED 

The project Open the door to the sport equiality, will be developed in Lora del Río (Seville) a village with a population abobut 20.000 which young people use practice different sports during the adolescence. They have verify that women have more difficulties to develop a sport and they suffer the consecuences of discrimination and inequality in sports; this situation is the origin of the idea of the present project which has been designed for a young group of the village. Participants: 32 youngsters (16 from Lora del Río, 16 from Frydlant). The realization will take place from 6 to 12 august. General aim: To make aware the participants between 15-17 years old from Lora del Río and Frydlant, and the indirect beneficiaries of the project, about the importance of the gender equality in the sport developed in a local level. Specific aims: 1) To train participants about gender equality, specifically in phisiological and social equality for the practice of any sport independently of the sex. 2)To generate spaces for the reflection with participants and indirect beneficiaries related to the importance of the gender equality in the local sport, speciafically in the adolescence period. 3)To desmitify and to deconstruct the stereotypes about gender inequality that internationally have been assumed as reals and justify and reproduce the gender inequality in the field of sport. Main actitivities: 1) Presentation dynamic: to know ourselves and to take contact between both groups. 2) Previous presentation video: Each group will prepare a video of presentation of their own group link with the topic of equality in sport. 3) Activate yourself in equality: Practice many sports (football, basketball, handball, baseball, badminton, American football, tennis, hockey,aerobic etc. making turns with different sports and groups. Groups will be mixeds (people from different sex and countries). Sports center. 4)Workshop of analysis and awareness-raising: To develop dinamics, participatives workshops about the topic in mixed and international groups. a)Change youor mind about stereotypes b) Gender clock c)Gender and sport d)Association sport and sexs e)To be man and women in different historical times and cultures f)Gender roles in films, series, songs, cartoons and video-games. 5) Sportive gymkana: To develop different physic events in the village in 7 different places. 6)Disseminate campaign: interaction with people and deliver of badges previously design by the participants. Make aware about the topic and ask them to take a photo with the badge and to put it on twitter and instagram with the hastag of the campaign. 7) Interviews: To ask about the topic of the project to local people and make a video with the answer to reflect about that. 8) Roundtable with local athletes successful: To talk about their experiencies and opinión about the gender equality in sport. 9) Role play-debate: Each person will have a rol against or in favor of the gender equality in sport. There will be differents debates and teams where the local athletes will participate. 10) Acrosport presentation: to design, to prepare and to realice an acrosport presentation with figures and choreography anout the topic ‘gender equality in sport’. 11) Banners: To design and to elaborate banners to disseminate the importance of gender equality in sport. It will be hanged in the local sport center to make aware young people about gender equality in sport. Results and impact: Young people will be more conscience about that problem of inequality in spor, and they will be able to prevent these type of discrimination in the future and to identify when there are cases of discrimination because of the gender in sport .They will develop new abilities and skills to comunicate themselve and their ideas in a foreign language. Partnership institutions will have a strong link to can develop more projects in the future. and their technicians will learn more about how to develop a exchange project. In a long term, impact will be that youngsters will have a formation about the gender discrimination in sport and they will be able to change this situation if they wacht it. They will have an interaction in sport more equitable and a better perception about gender discrimination and inequality in sport and they will be able to make aware themselves and others youngsters.
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