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Open Pervasive Environments for migratory iNteractive Services (OPEN)
Start date: Feb 1, 2008, End date: Aug 31, 2010 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Description The objective of OPEN is to provide users with migratory interactive services, which enable users to change interaction platform while continuing their tasks...The primary objective of OPEN, is to provide users with migratory interactive services, which enable them to change interaction platform while continuing their tasks through an interface adapted to the new context of use.  Deficits of current ubiquitous environmentsIn ubiquitous environments, users are provided with the possibility to move freely without however interrupting with the available applications through a variety of interactive devices, such as cell phones, PDAs, desktop computers, digital television sets, and intelligent watches. However, people always have to restart their sessions from the beginning at each interaction device change. The aim of OPEN is to overcome this limitation and support continuous task performance. Thenceforward, interactive applications become able to follow users and adapt to the changing context of use while maintaining their state.  Application impactMigratory interactive services entail many benefits especially for services that are time-consuming, such as games and business applications for instance, or applications with a rigid deadline which need to be completed wherever the user is (e.g. on-line auctions). Migration can also be used to improve user experience by switching to a more suitable device (bigger screen, better resources …) and/or to a communication channel that can guarantee better Quality of Service (shorter delays, higher bandwidth…).In order to address such complex issues there is a need for middleware able to consider and integrate various aspects:  * Adapt and preserve the state of the software application parts dedicated to interacting with end users. * Support mechanisms for application logic reconfiguration; and identity suitably flexible mechanisms available in the underlying network layers. An Intelligent ApproachThe primary objectives of OPEN are to offer an intelligent infrastructure which can: * Deliver seamless and transparent support to users.* Provide and coordinate reliable, dynamically changing/reconfiguring services.* Offer personalised user interaction by exploiting different interaction and network technologies. To achieve all this, the project will develop an intelligent middleware solution supporting reconfiguration of both the application logic and the user interface software by means of an infrastructure providing the necessary context information regarding the available devices, connectivity, users. Middleware solutions developed to a couple of example applications from different domains (business applications and gaming), will be applied to demonstrate the feasibility of the approach, the limited effort required of application developers, and its ability to enable new application services.
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