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Open Minded + Active + Creative = Hired
Start date: Oct 1, 2015, End date: Jun 30, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Project Title: Open Minded + Active + Creative = Hired Context of the project: Increasing chances of young people, Promotion of international cooperation, Social entrepreneurship, European citizenship, Personal development Objectives of the project: - To activate and stimulate the creativity of young people; - To demonstrate the range of existing opportunities and possibilities created by the development of international cooperation and to encourage young people to take the initiative and create reality as students and teachers, workers and employers at the same time; - Strengthening intercultural dialogue by showing in common elements, values and interests of all Member States of the European Union; - To increase the openness of young people as citizens of the European Union to other societies and their cultures; - To show the Poland and Polish society as an example of openness for pragmatic development of cooperation, especially including economic relations; - To show the enormous role of young people contributing to exploit existing relationships and its development for improving the prospects of life in a changing Europe; - To promote non-formal learning, and to show the opportunities offered by information and communication technologies in navigating the modern states and societies; - The promotion of language learning as a way of job finding in foreign markets and gaining experience and competences there. Partners: - Europejskie Centrum Inicjatyw Młodzieżowych (Poland) - Udruga mladih 'Device' (Croatia) - Still running (Latvia) - Asociatia Young Initative (Romania) - Association 'MeOut' (Hungary) Participants: 35 young people aged 18-26 from Croatia, Latvia, Poland, Romania and Hungary, as well as the group leaders - a total of 40 people Description of activities: The main activity took place in Warsaw, in dates 12-20.03.2016, during which young people had the opportunity to take part in a program consisting of three interconnected blocks - 'Open Minded', 'Active', 'Creative', which implementation allowed them to develop themselves, increase their chances of employment and making effective personal and professional initiatives in the future. Participants had possibility to work together during workshops on good practices, existing problems, new ideas, meet young entrepreneur and visit Warsaw Campus Google, what inspired themselves to act and to change their attitudes for even more open, active and creative ones. 9-day for the participants of the project allowed for the acquisition of a mix of new knowledge, skills and attitudes that helps them gradually transferred the development process and help to increase their contribution to the life of their societies. Methodology: Activities based on the elements of non-formal education - Holistic Learning, Experiential Learning, Diversified Education, Learning by Challenges - used in workshops, simulation games, discussions, presentations, city games, cognitive visits. Results: - Construction of an open, active and creative group of young people; - Increase of their awareness of the existing possibilities and opportunities, as well as their potential (self-esteem, self-confidence, etc.). - The improvement of knowledge of foreign languages, being ready for taking challenges on, openness for changes and diversity; - The development of interpersonal and social competence – development of key competences included in the soft skills associated with moving within groups and communities; - The acquisition of new knowledge and experience with you met and developed attitudes, including the wider enterprise; - Development of multicultural friendly environment based on dialogue and mutual understanding. The impact of the project and the long-term benefits: Described objectives, assumptions, actions, and their impact on the participants and the target group in the long run have an impact not only on the local and regional level, but also national and international. The entire project created in the minds of young people's vision and awareness of the multiplicity of options and solutions that thanks to them can be used in their countries in the context of working with communities on many levels. Their attitude to produce incentives to its natural environment - at the university, at work, among friends, resulted in the activation of a wider group of people who understand that thanks to the openness, participation and creativity that make up the entrepreneurial attitude to everyday life, you can gain much more than through inaction or strenuous adherence to ideological slogans and the resulting cross-cultural issues.
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