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Open (H)Art

The “Open (H)art” partnership project aims to consolidate a methodology of using arts as a tool for social work, aiming at social inclusion and exploring ways of applying innovative and creative artistic processes in social change activities. With this partnership we will connect practitioners and volunteers active in social and educational work (artists, animators, youth workers, therapists, facilitators, trainers, pedagogues, social workers, social educators, ICT experts) from different European countries. We want to share our experiences and knowledge about using arts in social and educational programmes and improve the quality and atractiveness of our activities. At the same time we want to test the impact of different techniques, coming from different arts on various target groups (elder people, youth at risk, people with disabilities, people living in poverty) and to create and use common observational indicators and research instruments. This project will increase public awareness on the importance of art as a tool for social and educational work, especially while working with disadvantaged and marginalized groups, in order to promote acceptance, tolerance and social inclusion. It will also provide a platform for different professionals to share their experiences in an open collaborative environment.

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