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Open air Europe: Promoting active European Citizenship among migrant youth using out-of-doors experiential learning methodology
Start date: Jun 20, 2016, End date: Dec 19, 2016 PROJECT  FINISHED 

Europe has long been an attractive place for migration, and a large proportion of migrants are young people. They strive for European citizenship, but being a European citizen means much more than just owning a passport of a country situated in Europe. All the organisations that make up our partnership have agreed that European citizenship means active participation in the community life, characterised by tolerance and non-violence and the acknowledgement of the rule of law and human rights. As all Europeans, young people from a migrant background must have a say in the choices made today because they will determine the world we will live in tomorrow. Therefore, active citizenship among young people is a key component of the future of European democracies.The theme of our Youth Exchange is promoting European Citizenship and the rights that go with it among migrant young people using out-of-doors experiential learning methodology, stimulating active participation of young migrants in community life, thus enabling such young people to behave as active, informed citizens. This implies that the Exchange will develop certain attitudes and skills both in young people with migrant background and peer leaders to improve European citizenship education in peer-to-peer youth work as well as to explore and to understand experiential learning and outdoor education methodology as an approach to youth citizenship education. This 12-days Youth Exchange which will take place from 19 to 30 September 2016 will bring together 14 young people (young people with migrant background and peer leaders) and 2 group leaders from the UK, Portugal, Moldova and Russia to Beltsi, Moldova.The objectives of the project are:- to identify and explore the meaning of European Citizenship for migrant youth.- to reflect on values and essences (principles, attitudes) of democratic citizenship, to increase awareness about skills and attitudes that should be developed to become active European citizens.- to increase understanding how experiential learning can enable to develop those skills and attitudes of young people with migrant background - to identify and compare what is to be a European in non-EU states and the EU itself.- to develop the participants’ skills to use experiential learning as an approach in citizenship education- to stimulate active participation of young migrants in community life.- to develop EU - non-EU partners co-operation in the youth field by empowering young people to participate in the development of European youth projects.The project methodology will be based on experiential learning and outdoor education principles. The activities foreseen during the project will also include practical activities, facilitated discussions, sharing of ideas, etc.The Exchange is aiming to facilitate the integration of young people coming from different European countries and encouraging their spirit of initiative. The actions and performances developed by the young people during the Exchange will enable them to publicise and promote experiential learning and outdoor education methodology as an approach for youth citizenship education.
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